Professor Therm Energy Conservation Tips


Need a little advice on keeping it green in your residence hall? Check out Professor Therm's tips for being more sustainable and decreasing your energy usage. 

  1. Turn off ALL room lights when leaving any unoccupied room.
  2. Use only energy-efficient LED light bulbs not the incandescent bulbs.
  3. Keep your curtain open during the day to let in as much natural light as possible, reducing the need to turn on the lights.
  4. Only turn on as many lights as you need – be careful not to “over-light” the room.
  5. Avoid using decorative lighting systems that are designed only for “ambience” rather than lighting (e.g. strings of holiday lights).
  6. Unplug ALL electronic devices when they are not in use since each electronic device still consumes a little bit of power even when it is turned off or not in use.  
  7. Consider plugging all of your electronic equipment into outlet strips that can be switched off.  Devices are now available that plug into the wall outlet that can be switched on and off with a wireless remote control device.  Plug outlet strips into these devices so you don’t have to crawl under your desk to physically switch off the outlet strip.
  8. Make sure fans, curling irons, and hair dryers (non-vampire load devices) are turned off when not in use.
  9. Do not to use “plug-in” air fresheners – they consume energy!  Use the kind that have the air fresheners that evaporate over time.
  10. Consider using a solar-powered battery charger for your mobile devices.
  11. If the room will be unoccupied over the weekend, think about unplugging your clock radios too.
  12. Consider leaving your aquarium at home and let your parents take care of your sea creatures.
  13. If you use a coffee maker that has a warmer plate to keep the carafe hot, purchase an insulated carafe and transfer the hot coffee to the insulate carafe and shut the coffee maker off.
  14. If you need to defrost frozen food, put it in the fridge a couple of days before you need it and let it thaw there rather than thawing it using a microwave.
  15. Wash and dry only FULL loads of laundry.
  16. Shut the lights off when you leave the laundry room (assuming you are the last one to leave!).
  17. Consider using a drying rack in your room instead of using the regular dryer to allow your laundry to “air dry”.
  18. Clean the dryer lint trap every time before you use the dryer.
  19. Take the stairs instead of the elevators – elevators use lots of energy.  Besides, taking the stairs is good for your health!
  20. Don’t use the window air conditioner to control the temperature in your room when it is cold outside. Make sure you shut the steam valve that controls the steam to your radiator to prevent the room from overheating.
  21. Don’t use an electric fan for “white noise.” Download a white noise app to your smart device.