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Welcome to the University of Iowa! Whether you have just been admitted, are currently a student, or are still deciding whether or not the UI is the place for you, we welcome you to look through our site to find all the information you need to know about living on campus.

Residence Halls

The University of Iowa has several great on-campus residence halls to choose from! They vary in size, from 1,000 rooms to 299, to fit each and every student’s needs. Living on campus is a great way for you to make new friends and meet new people, as well as take advantage of a safe and affordable living space.

We regularly hear from our student residents—and their parents—about how glad they are that they chose to spend at least one year of their college experience in the residence halls. For some it's the convenience of being close to their classes and not having to prepare their own meals. For most, life in the residence halls serves as a safe and enjoyable transition from life at home to independence.

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Convenience of Living on Campus

The collegiate experience is challenging—especially during the first year—and the residence halls are designed to make the basics of food and shelter as stress-free as possible, allowing our residents to focus on classes, activities, friendships, and personal growth.

In terms of proximity to classrooms, the residence halls are hard to beat. Between location and the Cambus system, getting around campus from a residence hall is easy!

University Dining does an excellent job of providing a wide range of food and meal options for our students. In fact, our two Market Places are popular not just with our current residents, but also with faculty, staff, and students who don't live in the residence halls.


In addition to the basics—food and shelter—life in the residence halls is designed to support students in their collegiate experience. We see it as part of our core work to foster the academic, social, cultural, and personal growth of our residents.

Support starts within the student community. It's no accident that we have so few single rooms in our halls, as the relationship between roommates/suitemates can prove the most important in creating student success. We also provide numerous public and lounge spaces in the halls, which create opportunities for activities and social interaction.

Our staff is dedicated to the direct support of students. Starting with our student-staff of resident assistants, and including full-time professional hall and area coordinators, have regular interaction with each and every resident. In addition, there is always a staff member on duty or on-call to student residents—24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever the halls are occupied.

Safety & Security

University Housing & Dining staff members are concerned about the safety and security of both students and their belongings. Working with the University Department of Public Safety, they continually review and evaluate safety policies and measures. Your student's cooperation in making these measures effective is essential.

  • Every residence hall room is equipped with a peephole so you can identify guests before admitting them to your room.
  • We encourage students to keep their room door locked at all times and not to open it to strangers.
  • A Public Safety Security Officer patrols the halls nightly from midnight to 6 a.m.
  • Residence Hall staff are on duty or on call 24 hours a day, every day.
  • The halls are locked at midnight, and residents are given a key or proximity card to gain entrance after doors are locked.

Other Important Information

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