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Variety is the spice of life! This community is designed for domestic and international students to come together and share cultural activities. Broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge of the world through art, cuisine, traditions, and current events. You will be able to take part in the various cultural events on campus and perhaps even spark your own interest in global travel and study abroad programs.

Programming for Global Mosaic

Programming may vary from year to year. Past programs in this community have included:

  • Attend a potluck dinner featuring foods from the cultural and family traditions of your floor mates
  • Learn about the Chinese New Year
  • Attend Walk it Out, the annual campus cultural fashion show
  • Sample art, music, and cuisine from different areas of the world
  • Learn how to roll your own sushi
  • Participate in the Study Abroad Fair.
  • Get to know faculty members from International Programs over dinner and conversation.


CL:1000:0001 - Cool Places and Hot Spots: Are you ready to kick off your heels, step on the gas, and go on an exhilarating ride around the world in 16 weeks? If your answer is an enthusiastic "YES", then this one semester-hour course is custom-made for you! Join a group of internationally-minded freshmen for an exciting romp through world cultures, customs, arts, and traditions, as well as discussions of the what, where, and why of specific global issues. This class will help you familiarize yourself with many of the international-oriented programs on campus (Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, International Writing Program, International Law, International Business, South Asian Studies, African Studies, Global Health Studies, Translation Studies, and others) and off campus. Find out about research, study abroad, and funding opportunities and learn how language acquisition can enrich your lives and lead to exciting career opportunities past graduation. We may attend international celebrations, film screenings, and other arts events.

CSI:1200:0013 - When East Meets West: Intercultural Learnings for Chinese and American Students:   This course is designed to create intercultural dialogues and learning experiences for first-year Chinese international and American domestic students, and will help students to explore the differences and similarities of the two cultures through interactive exercises, individual reflections, and group projects.  

Who Lives Here

This community is open to all students. A special emphasis is placed on pairing domestic and international roommates. 

For More Information

Please contact Residence Education at 319-335-3700 or