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Make your start at Iowa the next big story! This community is for first-year journalism and mass communication majors aspiring to careers in media. You will have the opportunity to engage in social, academic, and creative activities related to a wide variety of media practices on and off campus. These activities will serve as meaningful experiences towards your future in the world of professional media. Students must be a declared Journalism or Communication Studies major to be eligible to select this community.

Programming for Journalism and Mass Communication

Programming may vary from year to year. Past programs in this community have included:

  • Iowa Football Press Conference: Get in on the action and attend a Football Press Conference with local journalists, and Football Coach Kirk Ferentz
  • Lunch with professional journalists
  • SJMC Application Q&A: Spend one on one time with professors from SJMC and find out what it takes to submit a successful application to study journalism at the University of Iowa
  • Private Luncheon with Ann Colwell from CNN 
  • JMC Chicago Trip: Spend the day in Chicago and interact with professionals from places like the Big Ten Network, Ogolvy Public Relations, Olson PR, the Sun Times, and the White Sox Communications Team Cyd Zeigler Luncheon


JMC:1100:0A08 (JMC:1100:0A09) - Media Uses and Effects: How do news and entertainment inform us?  Does advertising persuade us?  Does playing violent video games make people more aggressive?  Do repeated images of very thin women and very muscular men shape our own body image?  This course introduces students to mass communication theory as it relates to practical applications in today's society. Students need to understand how theories can explain the role of media in our lives as individuals and as a social group, especially if they want to study journalism or public relations. This knowledge is important to help guide and critique today's changing media industries.

Who Lives Here

Students must be a declared Journalism or Communication Studies major to be eligible to select this community.

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