LEX: Legal Exploration

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Did you know LEX is the Latin word for law? The law plays a critical role in settling disputes and protecting individual rights. This community aims to help you explore how the law works and impacts society. You will be introduced to careers in the legal profession, explore the path to law school, and discover the diversity of settings in which law graduates work.


Programming for LEX: Legal Exploration

Programming may vary from year to year. Past programs in this community have included:

  • Mock Trial Talk: Find out what Mock Trial does and how they compete. 
  • Boyd Law Building Tour: Receive a personal tour of Boyd Law Building
  • Phi Alpha Delta Talk: Discover what Phi Alpha Delta is all about and if it would be a good organization to pursue 
  • Supreme Court Justice Day: Watch arguments by the Iowa Supreme Court and have a private dinner with a Supreme Court Justice 
  • Professor Jon Gould from American University Lecture on Wrongful Convictions


CSI:1200:0015 - Problems in American Politics:  This course will examine issues of the day emphasizing what is unprecedented in today's geopolitical circumstance and how analogous issues dealt with in other time frames may be of historical relevance.  The dynamics of contemporary American politics will be underscored by reviewing the perpetual tension between Congress and the Executive branch.  Issues covered will range from political gridlock to minority rights; from the challenges posed by ISIS to Russian expansionism.

CSI:1200:0016 - Refugee Lives and International Law:   This course will introduce students to the modern concept of a refugee arising from the 1951 Refugee Convention, and the evolution of the concept both international and domestic contexts. The course will also examine current refugee crises, their origins and proposed solutions, around the world.

Who Lives Here

This community is open to all students.

For More Information

Please contact Brian Farrell in the College of Law at 319-335-8273 or brian-r-farrell@uiowa.edu.