Personal Impact

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Unlock your potential and become a leader! This community enhances the current skills of other students like you who aspire to be leaders among their peers. Discover your strengths, get involved, connect with others to make a difference, and gain the experience employers crave. You will impact yourself, your campus, your community, and your future.

Programming for Personal Impact

Programming may vary from year to year. Past programs in this community have included:

  • Explore CSIL’s Leadership Week
  • Take the StrengthsFinder Assessment
  • Participate in Dance Marathon’s Cancer Forum
  • Discover your leadership identities
  • Contribute to "Make A Difference Day"
  • Join in our Finals Study Break with Campus Partners 


LS:1005:0001 - Leadership Community Seminar: Opportunity to develop leadership knowledge and skills through workshops and programs; meaningful involvement and engagement on campus and in community through service learning opportunities; team building through a variety of initiatives and student-led programming; interaction with students who are making their own personal impact.

Who Lives Here

This community is open to all students.

For More Information

Please contact Residence Education at 319-335-3700 or