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Are you a future doctor? Join a community of other students who are interested in learning what it’s really like to be a doctor. Not only will you get a great start on your professional education, but you will also have the chance to network with current medical professionals, preview the medical school application process, and participate in service and volunteer options! 

Programming for Pre-Med

Programming may vary from year to year. Past programs in this community have included:

  • Attend monthly dinner events with current professionals in the medical field
  • Tour the Hardin Health Sciences Library and learn about their many resources
  • Volunteer with the hospital
  • Attend a panel on preparation for the MCAT and medical school applications
  • Tour the cadaver lab
  • Chat with current medical students and learn about their experience
  • Participate in emergency simulations that will teach you to think like a doctor


There is currently not a course connected with the Pre-Med LLC. 

Who Lives Here

Pre-Med LLC is for students who intend to apply for medical school. 

For More Information

Please contact Residence Education at 319-335-3700 or