Reporting for Duty! This community is designed for Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Cadets interested in taking their training and camaraderie to the next level while learning about the two branches of the military. As a member of this community, you will connect with other students to support each other academically and socially, develop leadership skills, and engage in various activities the University has to offer.

Programming for ROTC

Programming may vary from year to year. Past programs in this community have included:

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Form study groups with others on your floor who are taking the same classes
  • Attend events focused on fitness, such as jujitsu and rock climbing
  • Come to BBQs and athletic events 
  • Participate in community service activities
  • Go on a paintball trip with your floor
  • Be a part of ROTC color guard events
  • Receive mentorship from others in the ROTC program
  • Join friends for the Iowa vs ISU football party 


Students living in the ROTC LLC are required to enroll in ROTC classes Examples include:
  • MILS:1010 – Leadership & Personal Development (Army)
  • MILS:1020 – Intro to Tactical Leadership (Army)
  • MILS:2010 – Innovative Team Leadership (Army)
  • MILS:2020 – Foundations of Tactical Leadership (Army)

* Army ROTC requires students to take at least one of the four classes listed above.  To be eligible, students must be enrolled or have contracted status.  

  • AERO:1150 – AFROTC Leadership Lab AS 100 (Air Force)
  • AERO:2150 – AFROTC Leadership Lab AS 200 (Air Force)
  • AERO:3150 – AFROTC Leadership Lab AS 300 (Air Force)
  • AERO:4150 – AFROTC Leadership Lab AS 400 (Air Force)

* Air Force ROTC requires students to enroll in only one of the four classes listed above.

Who Lives Here

The ROTC LLC is a combined community that serves both Army and Airforce students living on campus. See below for specific population expectations of each branch.


This community accepts returning enrolled and contracted Cadets, first-year students with scholarship offers, and first-year students enrolled in ROTC classes.

Air Force

This community accepts first year and returning students that are enrolled in AFROTC Leadership laboratory classes.

For More Information

Contact Jim French in the Army ROTC Department at 319-335-9192 or Anthony Clark in the Air Force ROTC Department at 319-335-9222.