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Do more than lead, create a generation of leaders! This community is for you if you have the desire to shape the minds of the future and are interested in teaching elementary through high school. You will discuss current issues in education, interact with faculty members, learn about the College of Education, and have the chance to watch a current teacher in action through your first-year seminar.

This LLC is a wonderful conglomerate of all majors and provides great support for students pursuing a teaching career. Students will be able to connect with professionals in education, receive guidance from Teacher Leader Center faculty and staff, and become acquainted with the Teacher Education Program.

Programming for Tomorrow’s Teachers Today

Programming may vary from year to year. Past programs in this community have included:

  • Get invited to dinner with the Dean of the College of Education
  • Participate in field games with REACH students
  • Donate a day of service at the Iowa Children’s Museum
  • Have fun at the Back to School Bash
  • Attend a panel discussions facilitated by faculty in the College of Education for answers to your questions about entering the field and applying to the College of Education 
  • Volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Experience a ropes course with Recreational Services
  • Shadow a K-12 teacher for a day
  • Join the school supply drive
  • Learn about alternative careers in Education


EDTL:1129:0001 (EDTL:1129:0002, EDTL:1129:0003, EDTL:1129:0004)  - So You Want to be a Teacher? What Does That Mean?:   Join us in this journey to explore what it means to be a teacher. You will examine the science and art of being a teacher and begin to develop your own philosophy of education. You will be working with local K-12 students to complete a field experience. Join classmates in debating contemporary topics in the field of education. Possible topics of debate might include the pros/cons of Inclusion, No Child Left Behind, School uniforms, Year-round school calendars, School vouchers or any other topics the class agrees to explore.

Who Lives Here

This community is open to all students.

For More Information

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