Clean It

Recycling & Waste

Recycling in the Residence Halls

Recycling is an option that is greatly encouraged in the residence halls.

  • Students wishing to recycle plastic, metal, cardboard or paper may do so by placing these materials in the designated recycling containers in your building.  All items go in the same container, there is no need to separate.  Some items are not recyclable.  To learn more, please visit the UI’s sort-free recycling web page:
  • For the exact location of recycling containers in your building, contact your resident assistant or front desk.
  • Note that for health and safety reasons, recyclable materials may not be collected in floor lounges, hallways, foyers, trash rooms, restrooms, or any space other than the designated recycling location. 

Student Room Waste

Removal of trash from rooms is the responsibility of the room resident.

  • Trash from your student room should be disposed of in the large trash barrels located in the trash room for your floor.
  • If the trash barrels are full or you live in Parklawn, Mayflower Hall, or Clinton Street Apartments dispose of trash in the building dumpster.
  • Do not put trash in the hallway, toilet room, stairway, or any area other than the designated trash room.
  • Do not place broken glass directly in a trash barrel; place it in a cardboard box or separate container, label, and leave in the trash room.
  • Needles, syringes, and other potentially infectious sharps should not be placed in the trash barrel (refer to section below).
  • University Housing & Dining will not dispose of large trash items such as sofas or other furniture, TV sets, rolls of carpeting, etc. These items must be disposed of by the resident or they may be removed to the designated drop-off point at the end of the school year where they will be disposed of at no charge.

How to Dispose of Syringes and Needles

Disposal of hypodermic needles requires special steps:

  • Syringes, hypodermic needles, and other sharps which may be considered infectious are not to be disposed of in any building trash container or dumpster.
  • All such waste must be disposed of by the user in a designated sharps container.
  • Sharps containers are available at the building information desks at no cost to residents who may need them.
  • The person who generates the sharps waste is responsible for returning the full container to the building information desk.