All rooms in the residence halls are partially furnished, the exact specifications depending on the hall and the room. Students are encouraged to personalize their rooms within the bounds of their housing contracts and, of course, safety.

Standard Furniture

All residence hall rooms include the following furnishings:

  • beds
  • mattresses and pads (all mattresses are extra long, 36" x 80")
  • desks and desk chairs
  • cable TV access
  • data port providing fast connection to the campus network and Internet (ResNet and wireless)
  • mirror
  • medicine cabinet
  • drapes
  • bulletin board
  • wastebasket
  • activated telephone outlet
  • all halls are carpeted except Slater

Other furniture may come with certain rooms in certain halls, including chest of drawers, kitchens, baths, etc.


Most residence hall rooms have loftable beds. The bed(s) in a single or double room will be lofted. Beds cannot be lofted in Centerstone, Building 3 @ Hawks Ridge, Dubuque House, and Bloomington House. Personal lofts are not allowed in any residence hall. 

Once you arrive on campus, if you would like to reconfigure your bed in any of these buildings, complete a custodial work order at your front desk and specify the configuration number on your work order. The University Housing & Dining Facilities staff must do the work for you. These beds are very heavy, so do not try to make the change yourself. You will be charged for any missing pieces and/or damaged furniture.

Lounge, Public Area Furniture

Equipment and furnishings in lounges, study areas, or any other general purpose areas of the residence halls have been placed there for all residents to use. Residents may not take any of this equipment or furniture to their rooms. Any public area furniture found in a resident's room will be removed by residence hall staff at the resident's expense ($50 per piece of furniture) and may also lead to disciplinary action.