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Care and Cleanliness

Students are responsible for the cleanliness and care of their rooms and common space for health and safety reasons. Students who refuse this responsibility may face disciplinary action. Each student will be accountable for any deterioration of the room or its contents (beyond normal wear and tear). Charges will be assessed for such damages and deterioration. Custodians will regularly clean and remove trash from public bathrooms and other public areas. Students who live in rooms with baths/kitchens are expected to clean their own facilities. Students will be held financially responsible for accidental damage to the residence halls.


If you believe there is a mechanical problem in your room (electrical, heating/cooling, or other problem) please fill out a work order at the building front desk. Additionally, requests for loft disassembly should be made at the front desk.

Only University Housing & Dining maintenance personnel are authorized to modify rooms or facilities. No fixtures may be attached to floors, walls, or ceilings.

If, after a maintenance problem has been reported and a work order has been filed, the work has not been completed (or completed to your satisfaction), do not file a new work order. Instead, bring the matter to your hall or area coordinator’s attention, or call the University Housing & Dining Facilities & Operations Office  at 319-335-9970.


Before you moved in, your room was checked to ensure that it was in good condition. Both you and your roommate(s) will be required to sign a room condition checklist when you move in. On that sheet, be sure to list any additional problems you find with the room at that time. You will be responsible for the condition of your room when you transfer rooms or check out of the residence hall. When you move out of your room, it will be checked by a residence hall staff member and, if necessary, damage charges will be assessed to cover the current replacement costs plus labor. Damages to your room which are not claimed by a resident will be split and billed equally to all room residents.

Room occupants will be billed for rooms that have sustained damage or that are left in an excessively dirty condition. Plastic garbage bags are available from your front desk for trash disposal during checkout.

Damages to common areas, floor lounges, hallways, bathrooms can be billed to all members of the floor or building if the responsible person(s) is not identified.


For the safety of students and maintenance personnel, do not use drain cleaners in any residence hall sinks. Go to your front desk to report a clogged drain.

The house mechanic will attempt to retrieve contact lenses and jewelry from lavatory drains during regular working hours. Go to your front desk to arrange this assistance. There will be a charge for any non-emergency assistance needed after regular working hours. Do not put potting soil, food, or aquarium rocks down drains.