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In addition to the basics—food and shelter—life in the residence halls is designed to support students in their collegiate experience. We see it as part of our core work to foster the academic, social, cultural, and personal growth of our residents.

Support starts within the student community. It's no accident that we have so few single rooms in our halls, as the relationship between roommates/suitemates can prove the most important in creating student success. We also provide numerous public and lounge spaces in the halls which create opportunities for activities and social interaction.

Our staff is dedicated to the direct support of students. Starting with our student-staff of resident assistants, and including full-time professional hall and area coordinators, we have regular interaction with each and every resident. In addition, there is always a staff member available or on-call to student residents—24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever the halls are occupied.

Residence Education Staff

In addition to direct interaction, Residence Education offers a number of activities and programs aimed at supporting student residents

Residence Education Programs