Quiet & Courtesy Hours

Quiet Hours are designated to give students an opportunity to study and sleep. While Quiet Hours are in effect, no one should hear your noise in another room or study area. Courtesy hours are always in effect. During Courtesy Hours as well as Quiet Hours, your music/bass, voices or noise should not be disruptive to your community. During Courtesy Hours, residents must comply with the requests of others to lessen or eliminate noise. Please note that persons affected by noise have the right as well as the responsibility to approach the person(s) responsible and request that the volume be lowered. Residence hall staff are available to assist in resolving these situations by speaking with your RA or by calling the front desk. In mediating noise-related conflicts between residents, staff gives top priority to the activities of study and sleep.

All visitors are expected to adhere to Quiet and Courtesy Hours. Residents are responsible for the actions of their visitors. Violation of Quiet or Courtesy Hours may result in judicial action.

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