Room Entry & Search Policy

The rights of students to be secure in their residence hall rooms against unreasonable entry, searches, and seizures are assured. Entry, search, and seizure by civil officers are governed by the civil law. University officials may enter a student's room only when:

  1. Maintenance requested by the occupant(s) or University personnel is being performed.
  2. Routine inspection of rooms for safety, health, and general upkeep purposes or if maintenance is performed. Institutional-initiated inspections are generally preceded by at least 24 hours written or posted notice to occupant(s).
  3. There is perceived imminent risk to safety, health, and/or occupant(s) or institutional property.
  4. The entry occurs during announced break times.
  5. Reasonable suspicion exists that a University policy is being violated.
  6. Turning off an alarm, loud stereo/music, or loud TV is necessary when residents are not present.
  7. There is a search warrant being carried out by a member of law enforcement. These agencies include, but are not limited to, University of Iowa Police, local Police Departments and/or County Sheriff, and the Iowa Highway Patrol.

It is a reasonable and lawful request for staff to ask residents to open doors in any situation. Failure to comply with the request is a policy violation, and you will be subject to judicial action.

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