How to Select a Room

Living Learning Community and Honors House room selection took place May 16 – 20.  New student housing room selection will take place June 6 – 13.  Students are issued room selection timeslots in the order their housing application was received. 

Didn't get your LLC of choice? We still have housing for you! 

PDF iconNew Student Housing Room Options 2018
PDF iconNew Student Room Selection User Guide 2018

Login to the housing application with your Hawk ID and Password via My UI. Open the 2018-19 Application. In the numbered menu across the top select "Choose Your Room" on the far right side. Please note: the room selection page will not open until you select a specific time slot.

Verify your community preferences and locations. Make note of your options based on your roommate status: a student with a roommate, an individual, or space open to all.

Click the building of your desired Living Learning Community and identify the floor of your Living Learning Community. 

Choose your room.and select the bed space for you, and your roommate (if needed).

When one this process is completed, you will be automatically routed to select a meal plan.

Frequently Asked Questions: New Student Housing

We've included answers to your most common questions regarding new student housing below. 

In previous years, we have received feedback from students that roommate pairs could not find enough rooms with two spaces available.  They would often be frustrated that individual students who select rooms before them “spread out” across multiple rooms. We also heard from individual students that they felt disadvantaged because a student with a roommate could pull their confirmed roommate ahead of the line.  Considering all of this feedback, UH&D staff have now allocated rooms for individuals and roommate pairs across campus. Additionally, rooms in each hall has been designated open to all students.

No.  We have granted access to rooms based on your roommate status as of May 31, 2018.  Roommate pairs get the option to pick a room during the earliest roommate's room selection timeslot. If one roommate applied for housing in October and the other in April, the October roommate can pick a room for both students.  If an individual student also applied in October, there might not be any rooms left because of the other students’ roommate pairing.  To be fair to all Hawkeyes, we have held spaces for individual students and spaces for students with roommates.  There is space Open to All designated in every hall, so if your roommate specific space has been filled, look there, first. 

Select a room in another building, and then add your name to the waitlist for your preferred hall.  If a space becomes available in your desired building, UH&D staff will contact you with a room change offer.  If you have a confirmed roommate that you would like to move with, both of you need to add your names to the waitlist.    Please be aware the offers for two students to move together are quite rare. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Communities 

We've included answers to your most common questions regarding communities below. 

Enrollment for your affiliated course will be done for you. LLCs have a section reserved just for students living in the community and we will get pre-registered before Orientation. 


Congratulations on your participation in the Honors program! May 1 was the deadline for to submit community preferences.  However, you can still add your name to the waitlist after room selection takes place. If a space in Daum becomes available, UH&D staff will contact you. 

Not at this time.  However, you can add your name to the waitlist, and if an opening occurs in the particular community, we will reach out to offer you a room change.

No. You do not have to select a room in a living learning community if you do not want to participate.  Please do not pick a room at this time, and you will be provided with a new selection date for New Student Housing in June.  Your place in line will not change – it will be determined by the date you submitting your housing application. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Roommates

We've included answers to your most common questions regarding roommates below. 

Yes. At this time, you can only select a room in the LLCs that you have in common.  If you do not have any LLCs in common, you will need to wait and select a room together during New Student Housing room selection. 

Yes. You may submit a roommate request until May 31. If your preferred roommate accepts your request, you can select a room together in New Student Housing.  Verify the status of your roommate requests online in the housing application.      

We’re sorry to hear your roommate will not be a Hawkeye. Not-to-worry, if you are living in New Student Housing, you can request a new roommate until May 31. If you are hoping to join an LLC or Honors, you can still participate in online room selection. When you select a room, if another student has already picked into the room, you can view their roommate profile to see if you might be compatible.  Please note, if your roommate cancelled after you received your timeslot, you will still select rooms designated for roommate pairs. 

Possibly! We are not accepting roommate requests after the May 31 deadline.  However, if you both select the same room during online selection you can become roommates.   You should look for spaces designated "Open to All".  If you have the same access (either roommate or individual) you should select the same room on those floors, too. 

You do not have to select a room with your confirmed roommate.  If you were confirmed as of May 31, 2018, you will only be able to select rooms designated for Roommate Matches or Open to All.  You will not be granted access to rooms for individuals.  If your confirmed roommate picks first and gives you a room assignment, you may change your room to another space available during your room selection timeslot.

Frequently Asked Questions: Room Selection

We've included answers to your most common questions regarding room selection below. 

Possbily.  If you indicated a preference for another LLC, and there is space available you can join that new LLC.  However, if you did not indicate a preference for an LLC by May 1, you may not adjust your preferences now.  Add your name to the waitlist and indicate that you’d like to join the particular LLC.

Only buildings with living learning communities will display at this time.  Currier, Hillcrest, and Rienow will not display until New Student Housing room selection in June.

No, you will not be able to pick a new room in June.  The June period will only be available for students that do not have a room assignment. 

Yes, if there are room spaces that become available, we will offer students the chance to change rooms. You can sign up for the waitlist through the housing application portal.


Frequently Asked Questions: Meal Plan

We've included answers to your most common questions regarding meal plans below. 

After choosing your room you will be directed to select either the Gold, Black, or Hawkeye meal plan.

Students who do not select a meal plan will automatically be enrolled in the gold plan.  You can try it out and then update your meal plan during the first few weeks of the semester. 

Move-In Information

All students will be notified of their scheduled move in date and time in mid-June.  If you need to make travel arrangements, we recommend planning to arrive on Sunday, August 12.  Early arrival is $45/per day. 


Have additional questions? Feel free to reach out to us at, 319-335-3000 or