What Is Room Swap?

Room Swap allows students to connect with other students looking to swap rooms on campus. Room Swap also acts as a waitlist for our hall staff across campus; they use this when looking at vacancies in their buildings.

Steps to Swap Rooms

  1. Login to your housing portal with your HawkID login information through your MyUI Account.
  2. Click on "Room Swap."
  3. Scroll to the bottom the page, select your current room from the drop down menu and click “Save and Continue.”
  4. Review your ten eligible communities and the buildings they’re located in; from the resulting list, select your building preferences.
  5. On same page, select your room type preferences.
  6. Confirm that all of your building and room choices are in spaces you are eligible for, then click “Advertise.”

Completing a Swap

Once you find a Hawkeye you want to swap with, you have two options, below: 

  1. You can message them through Room Swap and discuss the swap.
  2. You can request the swap without any discussion.

Please note:

  • Once you have requested the swap, the other student needs to confirm it.
  • Once a swap is confirmed, you are committed to that swap and cannot undo it.
  • If the swap is not confirmed by the other party, you can withdraw it and continue looking for other spaces.
  • Once the swap is confirmed by both parties, you have 48 hours to meet together with the secretary of either party’s residence hall, complete swap paperwork, and move your belongings.