Roommate Matching

Iowa’s optional roommate matching program can help you find a roommate from one of your favorite Living Learning Communities.  Roommates must be mutually requested and confirmed online by May 1, 2017.  Be certain that you and your roommate have the same LLC choices and room preferences in the same order. 

Step 1: Personal Information

You’ll create your roommate matching profile and tell fellow Hawkeyes about yourself. You can also add social media profiles to connect beyond the housing application portal.

Step 2: Status

This page will allow you to view the status of a potential or matched roommate.

There are two tabs where you can browse all matching roommates based on responses to their lifestyle questionnaire or search for a specific person you may have in mind.

Step 3: Search by LLC

Looking for someone with similar living-learning community interests? This page will allow you to see potential matches who have your same LLC as their top choice! You can send a student a message, view their profile, or request them as a roommate.

General Considerations:

  • Matching in the housing application is one tool to use in getting to know someone. Share with your potential roommate: expectations, quirks, and excitement about living together.
  • Only 1/3 of Hawkeyes requested a specific roommate last year.
  • A number of factors influence room assignments, and while we will work to assign students based on their preferences, we cannot guarantee a specific roommate request will be honored.
  • Whether you mutually request one another, or are paired by Contracts & Assignments, successful roommate relationships are based on open, honest communication and mutual respect.
  • Whether you've known someone for 15 years or just 5 minutes, they are a fellow Hawkeye deserving of your respect. Behaviors with the intent to bully, intimidate, harass, and/or physically bully or harm a potential roommate either in person, verbally, or electronically (such as to social media, texts, email, and/or instant messaging) are not tolerated. UH&D may change your assignment to a different room and/or residence hall, and/or cancel your housing contract.