Self-Destuctive Behavior Policy

Self-Destructive Behavior Policy

The University has a clear and distinct interest in maintaining a safe and sound educational environment in the residence halls, where most first-year students experience for the first time life on their own. A residential setting designated to foster student interaction and interdependence can become disrupted by self-destructive behavior. Among the most disruptive forms of misconduct are intentional attempts to injure oneself seriously, threats to do the same, and reckless behavior that puts oneself or others in physical danger. Students who become incapacitated as a result of their own actions and students who deliberately injure themselves are subject to University actions.

In light of the impact of self-destructive behavior upon the residential community, affected individuals are encouraged to utilize counseling resources provided to students free of charge. Residents interested in learning more about referral resources available on campus are welcome to call University Counseling Services, 319-335-7294, which keeps all inquires confidential. 

Residents who engage in self-destructive behavior must accept responsibility for their actions and are subject to disciplinary sanctions under residence hall disciplinary policy and the University of Iowa Code of Student Life on the basis of their offense. In the event a resident with a recognized mental disorder engages in self-destructive behavior, the University will take into consideration before determining a response the resident's medical diagnosis, the gravity of the injury, the impact of the behavior upon fellow residents, the appropriateness of reasonable accommodations, and other pertinent factors. When a severe act of self-destructive behavior or an apparent threat of serious harm occurs, the University reserves the right to notify the resident's parent, guardian, or appropriate relative.

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