Student Behavior

Standards of Student Behavior in the Halls

Living in residence halls is a community living experience where all members have certain rights and responsibilities.

Any resident who commits, incites, or aids others in committing any acts of misconduct shall be subject to disciplinary action by University Housing & Dining and/or the university. This applies to any resident regarding his/her own actions as well as student or non-student guests. Non-resident students are subject to disciplinary sanctions imposed by the Dean of Students for violating the rules listed below and for violating the Code of Student Life. Non-student guests found violating resident hall policies may be banned from the residence halls or from campus.

  1. Unauthorized occupation or use of, or unauthorized entry into, any residence hall facility or student room.
  2. Interference with the right of access to residence hall facilities or with any contractual right of any person in residence halls.
  3. Individual or group activities within any area of the residence halls that causes a disturbance, including hallway sports, inappropriate behavior, or behavior that threatens the rights and safety of other persons and/or university property.
  4. Harassment, verbal or physical abuse, or the threat of physical abuse, including self-destructive behavior, in the residence halls or at any University Housing & Dining authorized function or event, or other conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person.
  5. Failure to respond to a summons (verbal and/or written) from a residence hall staff member (including requests to meet to discuss alleged policy violations) or other University official and/or failure to follow directions from a UI staff member acting in the performance of his or her duties.
  6. Obstruction or disruption of disciplinary procedures, University Housing & Dining administrative procedures, or any University Housing & Dining authorized function or event.
  7. Tampering with or the misuse of fire alarms (including sounding a false fire alarm), fire extinguishers, fire hoses, sprinkler heads, or any fire equipment or limiting egress from the buildings by tampering with exit signs and doors.
  8. Unlawful manufacture, distribution, sale, use, or possession of illegal, addictive, dangerous, or controlled substances (including alcohol) on residence hall property. Empty alcohol containers and drug paraphernalia are prohibited.
  9. Theft, vandalism, misuse, or misappropriation of university property or private property, or possession of stolen goods, including the misuse of surveillance cameras. 
  10. Possession or use of an item prohibited by the guns and weapons policy.
  11. Possession or use of an item prohibited by the explosive and combustible policy.
  12. Misrepresentation of identity or misuse of any identification card in the residence halls or failure to show appropriate identification upon request by a residence hall or University staff member.
  13. Misuse of room or building keys/proximity cards.
  14. Failure to follow emergency procedures (fire, tornado, etc.).
  15. Violation of quiet hours and/or courtesy hours as determined by residence hall units/floors as approved by University Housing & Dining.
  16. Setting a fire or the possession or use of candles or any type of open-flame (including incense) or open-filament device.
  17. Violations of the terms and conditions in the residence hall contract or policies and procedures prescribed in the Residence Hall Guidebook. 
  18. Conviction of any federal, state, or local crime committed on campus.
  19. Violation of a published university campus policy or a University Housing & Dining roommate contract.  Published university policies include, for example, the Policy on Violence, the University Policy on Human Rights, and the Sexual Misconduct Policy Involving Students, Including Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.
  20. Violation of the ResNet policy.
  21. Engaging in self-destructive behavior.

   In addition to sanctions imposed under these rules, persons living in the residence halls are subject to prosecution in civil or criminal court for their behavior.

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