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Welcome to University Housing & Dining at the University of Iowa!

We are glad that you are here! Living on campus allows you the opportunity to meet many people and create lifelong friendships, participate in a wide variety of academic, educational and social events, and learn to live in a culturally diverse environment – all while enjoying the conveniences of living on campus.  We hope the place you live will become your home for the next nine months. 

There are ten residence halls and 4 leased off campus apartments at the University of Iowa. Burge, Daum, Clinton St. Apartments (Bloomington House, Centerstone, and Dubuque House), Currier, Stanley, and Mayflower make up the east neighborhood.  Hawks Ridge Building 3, Hillcrest, Parklawn, Petersen, Rienow and Slater are the west neighborhood residence halls. Each building is unique in design and special features. Students may also live in University Apartments (Hawkeye Drive and Hawkeye Court).  In the fall of 2017 we will open a new hall in the east neighborhood. 

The residence halls at the University of Iowa are more than just a place to live. In addition to safe and comfortable surroundings, living in an adult environment with limited supervision provides students with a glimpse of what living in society is all about: interacting with people from various backgrounds, taking responsibility for personal behavior, learning how a political governing system works, and learning how to have fun – and get along – with friends and neighbors. From classes, to interesting programs, to spontaneous fun, the residence halls at the University of Iowa provide an exciting living-learning experience on campus. 

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