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All residents are expected to be familiar with and abide by the University of Iowa Code of Student Life, in the Residence Hall Policies, and the terms and conditions of the residence halls contract. A list of these policies can be found below.  Violations of these rules are handled through the disciplinary procedures of the student conduct system.  When a student is documented for a policy violation, they enter the Discipline Process.

University Housing & Dining policies may be amended at any time by the authority of the director of the department. Amendments are effective upon approval by the vice president for student life or dean of students and once University Housing & Dining has made a reasonable attempt to notify residents of the change.

Individuals who pose a clear and present danger to other residents are not eligible to live in UI housing. Registered Sex Offenders represent a clear and present danger and are not eligible for UI housing. All residence hall room assignments and room transfers are made without regard to a student’s race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality. Students of the opposite gender may not occupy the same room.


All students at the University of Iowa are responsible for complying with all policies outlined in the Code of Student Life.  In addition all residents of the residence halls are responsible for adhering to the following residence hall specific policies.  

D.13.a Quiet Hours and Courtesy Hours: Quiet Hours will be established and published by residence hall staff.  When Quiet Hours are in effect no noise should be heard from another room or area.  Courtesy Hours are always in effect.  During Courtesy Hours residents must comply with the requests of others to lessen or eliminate noise. 

D.13.b Guest Policy: Only students who have signed residence hall contracts are permitted to live in residence halls.  Residents are responsible for the behavior their guests.  Guests who violate residence hall policies will be asked to leave the residence hall and their host will be held responsible for the policy violation.  Residents may host overnight guests as long as they do not infringe on the rights of other residents and are registered at the front desk.  No guest may stay for more than three nights within a fourteen day period. 

D.13.c Smoking: The use of tobacco, including smokeless tobacco products, and legal smoking products is prohibited in all campus buildings.  Residents over 18 years of age may possess and are allowed to store tobacco and legal smoking products in their room.

D.13.d Windows and Screens: Screens are not to be unhooked or removed from windows for any reason.  Residents of a room or building are responsible for any objects ejected from windows, fire escapes or roofs.  Windows are not to be used for entrances or exits.  Windows should remain closed during periods of high winds and/or heavy rains. 

D.13.e Keys and Prox Cards: Residence Hall keys and prox cards must remain in the possession of the resident of the room/building at all times.  All residence hall keys and prox cards must be returned when residents vacate their room.  Residents will be responsible for the cost of replacing lost keys and prox cards.  If the misplaced key or card is found after a replacement has been issued the charge will not be refunded. 

D.13.f Pets: Pets are not permitted in the residence halls with the exception of fish in tanks no larger than 20 gallons.  Pets are prohibited from entering the buildings at all times even on a “visiting” or “temporary” basis.  Pets found in the residence halls will be subject to immediate removal and transfer to Iowa City Animal Control authorities. 

D.13.g Electrical Appliances: All appliances must be in good working order. All extension cords must be UL approved. Rooms are not wired to permit the use of any large electrical appliances including room air conditioners (unless supplied by the University), space heaters, etc.

D.13.h Cooking Appliances: Appliances that have an exposed heating element, use cooking greases or have an open flame are prohibited. Electric grills (i.e., George Foreman), pizza cookers, and toaster ovens are NOT allowed. Residence hall rooms with a kitchen provided may use toaster ovens in the kitchen area only.

D.13.i Refrigerators: Only one refrigerator (personal or department issued) is allowed per room/suite/apartment.  Refrigerators brought by residents may not exceed five cubic feet and 9 amps. 

D.13.j Elevators: Passenger elevators located within the residence halls are provided for use by residents of that building, their guests and departmental staff.  The following actions are prohibited: damage or vandalism of the elevators, use of emergency alarms/stops in situations other than an emergency, unauthorized use of an elevator key, evacuating people from the elevator without trained personnel.   

D.13.k Room Decoration: Decorations may not obstruct doorways, corridors, stairways or any other means of exit.  Lighting fixtures or firefighting equipment including sprinkler piping should not be decorated.  Decorations attached to or suspended from the ceiling are prohibited.  Candles (lit or unlit) or other open flames are prohibited. 

D.13.l Door Decorations: Flammable and combustible materials on student room doors must be kept to a minimum (no more that 25% of the door may be covered).  Resident may not write on room doors.

D.13.m Decorative Lights: Lights on metal trees or artificial decorations that are made of combustible materials are prohibited.  Rooms must not be left unattended with holiday or decorative lights on. 

D.13.n Hall Sports: Athletic events including using rollerblades, rollerskates, or skateboards, and throwing or bouncing frisbees, footballs and basketballs are prohibited in the residence halls.

D.13.o Improper Room Change: Students wishing to change/transfer rooms must be approved by University Housing and Dining staff.  Failure to complete all necessary paperwork before moving is prohibited.  Residents with unoccupied space in their room must keep one half of the room ready for a new roommate to move in at any time. 

D.13.p Furniture: Equipment and furnishings in lounges, study areas, or any other general purpose areas of the residence s halls may not be removed or transferred to individual student rooms.  All furniture issued to a student room must remain in that room.  Loftable furniture may not be placed directly under the sprinkler system and water beds are prohibited. 

D.13.q Commercial Activity/Business: Residents are not permitted to utilize their room for any commercial purpose. 

D.13.r Trash: Students are responsible for disposing of their own trash in the designated areas within and around the residence halls. 

D.13.s Disruptive Event: Individual or group activities within any area of the residence hall that cause a disturbance, obstruct or disrupt disciplinary procedures, University Housing administrative procedures, or any other University Housing authorized function or event.

D.17.a Possession or Consumption of Alcohol in the Residence Halls: Consumption, possession, distribution or sale of alcohol beverages in prohibited in all residence halls regardless of age.

D.17.b In the Presence of Alcohol: Being present in a residence hall space where consumption, possession, distribution, or sale of alcoholic beverages is occurring is a violation of residence hall policy.

D.17.c Empty Alcohol Containers: The possession of empty alcohol containers is prohibited in the residence halls.

D.19.a Possession or Use of Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia in the Residence Halls:  Consumption, possession, distribution, or sale of drugs, narcotics or other controlled substances or the possession of drug paraphernalia is prohibited in all residence halls. 

D.19.b In the Presence of Drugs: Being present in a residence hall space where consumption, possession, distribution, or sale of drugs, narcotics, or other controlled substances or the possession of drug paraphernalia is occurring is a violation of residence hall policy.

D.22.a Possession of Candles and Incense: Candles and incense (lit or unlit) are prohibited in the residence halls.

D. 22.b Possession of Explosives/Combustibles: The possession, use or distribution of any type of fireworks, ammunition/gun powder, fuses, or any explosives/combustibles of any kind and storage of propane tanks is prohibited in the residences halls.