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Living on campus allows students the convenience of paying both room and board on their university bill. Room rates are based on amenities in each room, with additional costs for shared/private/single user bathroom, and/or shared kitchen. All room rates include heat, electricity, air conditioning, water, cable TV, internet, and garbage services. Rates cover the academic year, which includes Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Should students wish to stay in the halls over Winter Break between fall and spring semesters, an additional charged is assess to the student’s university bill.

Each semester a student lives in the halls, in addition to their housing contract, they also have $100 in Hawkeye Dollars (Link to page with info on Hawkeye Dollars). These are added to a student’s University ID card and can be used at a variety of locations on campus.

Summer Housing & Meal Plan Rates

Residence Hall Room Rates (per person)

Please Note: Costs in this chart are for the two-semester academic year.

Dining Rates