Location & Community Information

Hawkeye Drive is a University Apartment complex located on the far west campus often referred to as the Hawkeye Campus. (The Hawkeye Campus includes the Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex and the Hawkeye Recreation Fields.)


Hawkeye Drive is located almost three miles from the central campus. While this may seem a disadvantage, many residents report that they end up appreciating the distance, as it gives a clear break between school life and home life.

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Cambus, Transportation and Parking

The best way to get around campus is to use Cambus, the university's free bus system. Three different routes serve Hawkeye Drive.

Hawkeye Hospital
Hawk Lot/Hospital & Hawkeye Express

Parking is available at Hawkye Drive. Having a car can prove handy for shopping and other activities. It's recommended, though, that you don't rely on your car as a means of getting around campus. Parking spaces on campus and downtown are either very expensive or unavailable.

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Two mailbox keys are issued at check-in for Hawkeye Drive. The U.S. Postal Service delivers mail for residents of Hawkeye Drive. The mailboxes and package boxes are located near the bus stops at Hawkeye Drive. Outgoing mailboxes are located within the mailbox station.

Any mail that is incorrectly addressed should be placed in the outgoing mailbox. The mail carrier will pick up the mail and return it to the post office.

When you receive a package, the mail carrier will place a key to a package box in your mailbox. The tag attached to the key will have a number on it that corresponds to a package box where you will find your package.

Packages shipped by carriers such as UPS or FedEx are delivered to the residents' apartments. The Hawkeye Drive Office cannot accept or sign for residents' packages.

Public Schools

The university pays tuition for residents’ legally dependent children while they live in Hawkeye Drive and attend kindergarten through 12th grade at any public school in the Iowa City Community School District. Residents must register their school age children with the Hawkeye Drive Office each year. This is in addition to registering the child with the school they will be attending. Although the State of Iowa has an open enrollment policy (meaning your child may apply to attend any school), Hawkeye Drive's children typically attend the schools listed below.

School Type Hawkeye Drive  
Elementary Norman Borlaug  
Junior High Northwest  
Senior High West High  

School bus transportation is provided for school children to the above public elementary and junior high schools. West High School is within walking distance.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms with washers and dryers are available for all Hawkeye Apartments residents in the lower level of one Hawkeye Drive building per each cluster of Hawkeye Drive apartments. At Hawkeye Drive, the laundry rooms are located in the lower level of these buildings: 340, 430, 540, 630, and 740. The laundry room doors are locked and can be unlocked with a Hawkeye Drive apartment key.

The washers and dryers are operated using a University ID or a laundry debit card. Debit cards are available for purchase in the Hawkeye Drive Office and lobbies of Burge, Mayflower, and Hillcrest.

Hawkeye Drive apartments have space provided for the installation of personally owned automatic washers and electric dryers. Clotheslines are also provided outdoors for use in good weather.