University ID Card

Your University ID is important in the residence halls as well as on campus. You must show your ID for the following:

  1. Market Places, Fitness Center, and ITC admittance.
  2. Checking out keys.
  3. Picking up special-delivery parcels, certified and registered mail, packages, and flowers at the front desk.
  4. Checking out housekeeping items and other equipment such as moving carts and athletic equipment. (Some equipment check-outs may require student government membership.)
  5. Board changes/cancels and contract cancellations.
  6. For identification in security, emergency, or discipline situations, University ID cards should be carried at all times and must be shown on request by University officials.

Failure to show your ID when requested may result in disciplinary action.

If you lose your ID card, a new card can be obtained at the Iowa One Card Office located at 3 Jessup Hall, (319) 335-2716. There is a charge for this service.