Web Cam/Cyber Cam

The use of any type of video camera device in the halls to capture the images of an individual other than the camera owner without the individual’s consent is strictly prohibited. Residents found in violation of this policy are subject to severe sanctions, including the possibility of eviction. Within the public areas of the halls, the prohibition includes, but is not limited to, cell phone cameras and Web/Cyber cameras, wired or remote, that are streaming images of another individual without his/her knowledge. Within a resident’s room, the privacy rights of roommates must be respected at all times and the Policy on Sexual Misconduct observed. It is a violation of Housing policy to use a video camera in a manner likely to embarrass the camera owner’s roommate or acquaintance. Housing staff reserves the right to take possession of equipment found in violation of this policy. Questions about camera devices should be directed to the University Housing & Dining Administrative Office, 4141 Burge Hall, which does authorize the use of video camera devices in some situations.

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