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Von Stange

Assistant vice president for student life and senior director University Housing and Dining
Carol  Rose

Carol Rose

Administrative services and conference specialist

Contracts and assignments

Virginia Irbahim-Olin

Virginia Ibrahim-Olin

Director of housing administration
Breann Fredrickson

Breann Fredrickson

Assistant director, administration
Matt DiCicco

Matt DiCicco

Administration and assessment project manager
Elliot Hail Langner

Elliot Hail-Langner

Contracts and assignments specialist
Jessica Elliott

Jessica Elliott

Conference and assignments specialist
Mackenzie Goss

Mackenzie Goss

Contracts and assignments specialist

Facilities and operations

Jeff Aaberg

Jeff Aaberg

Director of facilities and operations
Mark Schmitz

Mark Schmitz

Assistant director of maintenance services
Teri Sieve

Teri Sieve

Assistant director of custodial services

Maintenance Request

Place a maintenance or custodial request.

Business and technology

You can reach out to the Division of Student Life Business and Technology team at

Human resources

You can reach out to the Division of Student Life Human Resources at

Marketing and communications

If you would like to submit a market place table tent, digital display, mass mailing, campaign mailing or reserve a table in the residence halls, you will need to follow the instructions below. 

Marketing in the halls

Display your information digitally. Signage will be posted on digital displays in high traffic areas (i.e. laundry rooms, elevator lobbies, mailbox areas, etc.) in every on-campus residence hall. 

How it works

  • Confirm that you are approved to submit a digital signage request. You can see approved signage below. 
  • Design your signage file using the guidelines below.
  • Send your signage file via email to the Student Life Communications team ( 

How to submit a digital display

  • Requests for digital signage should be emailed to at least one week prior to the date your posting should be active.
  • Along with your digital signage file, please include the main contact person's name and email, as well as the date range you would like your signage to be active.
  • Submissions that do not include event or general contact information will not be posted. 
  • You will be contacted if there are any questions or issues with your signage. 

Approved signage

Posting approval will be granted to signage advertising:

  • University activities and organizations, University Housing and Dining deadlines, programs and events.
  • Public information of interest to a broad spectrum of residents.
  • Charitable activities and organizations.
  • Political election activities, as detailed in the sections below.
  • Any other events at the Student Life Communications team's discretion.

Approval will be granted to display materials (which includes commercial logos) and meets these guidelines:

  • The company/logo is not the primary focus of the general information or event advertised.
  • The logo is smaller than 145 pixels in diameter.
  • Logos representing beverages other than Coca-Cola products are prohibited.

Unapproved signage

Approval will not be granted to display material that:

  • Advertises a commercial business, directly or indirectly encourages the consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and/or drugs.
  • Does not conform with the University of Iowa’s Human Rights and Sexual Harassment policies.

Design guidelines

 Please follow these guidelines listed below:

  • The file should be sent as a jpeg and sized 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels. Display dates should be requested when content is submitted.
  • Recommended text size is 36 point or greater. Recommended size for headlines is 72 point or greater.
  • Use of no more than three different fonts is recommended.
  • Use of quality images without pixilation is recommended.
  • Use a color scheme consistent with your group or organization’s brand.
  • Recommended word count for slides is less than 30 words – excluding University Disability Statement.
  • Signs that invite public participation must include the University of Iowa accessibility statement
  • Avoid using paragraphs; communicate relevant information with bullet points or in short sentences.
  • Use only imagery to which you have licensed or to which you are the copyright holder.
  • University logos/images must adhere to the University of Iowa's brand guidelines (


  • Once formally submitted to UH&D, signage will be posted on digital displays in high traffic areas (i.e. laundry rooms, elevator lobbies, mailbox areas, etc.) in every on-campus residence hall. Digital displays in market place areas run on a separate system and are not subject to these guidelines.
  • Content on market place digital displays is determined by UH&D Staff only. Additionally, all traditional residence hall bulletin board space is reserved for UH&D staff only.
  • University Housing and Dining reserves the right to refuse or delay content that does not meet the guidelines or when space is limited.
  • Any questions may be directed to Student Life Communications team, University Housing and Dining, 4141 Burge Hall, 319-335-3000.

Promote your event through our market places. Table tents (that you make and provide) are placed in Catlett, Burge and Hillcrest Market Places every week. They contain information relevant to students living in residence halls, such as residence hall programs, promotions and deadlines, on-campus events and student life campaigns. You will need to provide a total of 592 table tents, separated and bundled in three stacks of 176, 200, and 216. 

How it works

  • Table tents in food service dining areas may be used by individuals or organizations associated with University Housing and Dining, by a governmental unit of ARH as a method of promoting residence hall programs, or for educational purposes on a limited basis by a Division of Student Life.
  • Table tents will be placed for up to twelve consecutive meals (four days) on a first come, first served basis. No more than two table tents will be displayed at a time in addition to food service table tents. 
  • The maximum size for a folded table tent is 4 1/4” x 5 1/2” (folded half-sheet of standard-sized card stock). All table tents must be printed on card stock paper. 
  • Table tents for administrative units (Dining, Contracts and Assignments, etc.) within University Housing and Dining cannot be larger than 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” (folded full-sheet of standard-sized card stock).
  • Table tents must be received the week before the reservation on Wednesdays by 4 p.m.
  • The name of the sponsoring organization must be identified on at least one side of the table tent.
  • Table tents encouraging public participation in a program must include the University of Iowa accessibility statement.

How to submit a table tent

  • Approval for table tent distribution and scheduling should be arranged in advance with Student Life Communications. You can email, or stop by Room 286 in the IMU.

Connect with residence hall students in person. Tables may be reserved in Burge, Catlett, Hillcrest and Mayflower to promote an event, new academic class or promote an on-campus initiative. Individuals talking to students or distributing information must remain at the table at all times.

How it works

Specific organizations and departments can host tables in the residence halls. These include: University Housing and Dining plus organizations associated with UHD, university academic departments, Division of Student Life departments, sponsored registered student organizations**, student governance organizations**, programs and initiatives administratively coordinated by a UI or Student Life department**, voter registration, the Office of Admissions and registered student organizations providing information on behalf of candidates for public office and USG. 

How to reserve a table

  • Use the Internal Meeting Room Reservation link below.
  • Fill out the form and select the hall to host your table (Burge, Catlett, Hillcrest or Mayflower).
  • Go to the drop down menu for the building and select dining/traffic area or lobby/window area.
  • Close out of dropdown box and click on dining/lobby table and two chairs requested to confirm your space.
  • Reservations must be received at least seven days in advance of your requested date.

You can reserve a table at this link.

** Sponsored student organizations, student governance organizations, and programs and initiatives coordinated by a UI or Division of Student Life Department include: Hawkeye Service Breaks, BIJOU, Campus Activities Board (CAB), Dance Marathon, Family Weekend, Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG), Homecoming, Interfraternity Council, KRUI Radio, Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Celebration, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Leadership and Engagement (Fraternity & Sorority Life Programs, Leadership, Service & Civic Engagement Programs, Student Engagement & Campus Programs) Panhellenic Council, SCOPE, Student Legal Services, Student Organization Business Office, Student Video Productions (SVP), Multicultural and International Student Support and Engagement (MISSE), UI Cultural Centers and Pride Alliance Center, UI Student Engagement Fair, Undergraduate Student Government (USG), University Lecture Committee, Student Accountability, Student Care and Assistance, Student Wellness, Student Health, Student Disability Services, Recreational Services, WRAC, RVAP, Food Pantry at Iowa, Clothing Closet and the Dean of Students Advisory Board. 


  • Commercial businesses may not leave leaflets anywhere in the residence halls.
  • No door-to-door distribution is allowed in the residence halls.
  • Distribution outside the front entrances of buildings must be made in a manner that does not restrict the movement of people into, out of, or within the building.
  • Outdoor distribution on residence hall property must be mobile; no stationary items such as tents, tables, chairs are allowed. Commercial solicitation/distribution is not allowed outside on residence hall property. Only events sponsored by University Housing and Dining/Division of Student Life will be allowed outside on residence hall property.
  • Distribution is not permitted anywhere in the residence halls except as detailed in the Room Reservation Policy.

Residence hall distribution centers

Within half of the residence halls, an information rack (close to the building’s information desk) is designated as the distribution center for approved printed materials.

  • Distribution of materials may be limited in duration of time and by the size and volume of the materials.
  • Requests for permission to place materials in these areas and approval for the material must be made to the appropriate hall coordinator or to Student Life Communications team focused on University Housing and Dining (
  • The delivery of the approved materials is the responsibility of the person making the original request.

Grab your audience’s attention through a mass mailing. Mass mailings are sent to our residents and live-in staff. They contain a variety of information including promotion of large-scale events and initiatives, living learning community (LLC) and housing updates, and dining news. Student names and addresses are not required on mass mailings, and they do not need postage. One copy of each mass mailing will be put into each mailbox.

How it works

Any University Housing and Dining area, residence hall student group, or recognized LLC may distribute mail as detailed in the policy below. Groups and departments outside of the residence hall system must receive prior approval on a case-by-case basis from University Housing and Dining. 

How to submit a mass mailing

  • Requests can be made by emailing Student Life Communications ( A finalized mailer and the proposed mailing dates must be provided in the request. 
  • Each University Housing and Dining organization/group will be limited to no more than one mass mailing per month. Groups and departments outside of the residence hall system will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Distribution of materials may be limited in duration of time, as well as size and volume of the materials.
  • The name of the organization/group must be clearly visible on each piece of the material to be distributed.
  • Materials that describe or invite public participation in events or programs at the university are required to include the University of Iowa accessibility statement.
  • Once final approval has been given, University Housing and Dining will inform the group on how to proceed with distribution. The organization/group will also be informed if the request is denied.
  • Delivering and printing the approved materials is the sole responsibility of the organization/group requesting the distribution.  
  • The group/organization is responsible for providing extra copies, for each distribution point, to be made available at the hall desk(s).  
  • Final approval of all mass mailings is at the sole discretion of University Housing and Dining and the Student Life Communications team.
  • Approved materials must be delivered to the points of distribution one working day prior to the actual date of distribution.

Let your voice be heard! We can help with your political marketing campaigns during the academic year. Below are some of the campaign activities we allow in the halls. (Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students for non-residence hall questions related to policies for visiting political candidates and elected officials or related to student government elections).

Digital signage

Registered student organizations that sponsor political events or rallies on-campus may display approved event information on the digital displays located in high traffic areas of every residence hall once prior to each election.

Registered student organization and University Housing and Dining administration, in partnership with election officials, may display information that encourages students to register to vote or participate in local, state, or federal elections. Candidates for Undergraduate Student Government (USG) may display campaign information once during the established USG election period. For more information on creating and displaying digital signage and specifications, please refer to our policy above.

Physical distribution of campaign literature

Registered student organizations may host a political candidate or elected official at an information table in identified residence hall locations. Student organization representatives must request to have a table set up one time, per candidate prior to each election in each designated area for the purpose of distributing literature or talking to students. Student representatives are required to attend the tabling event with the candidate or elected official. Requests should be made at least seven days prior to date of activity. The maximum time limit for all distribution centers will be 2.5 hours.

Student representatives are required to attend the tabling event with the political candidate or elected official. Individuals hosting the tables must remain at the table. Table placement will be at the following locations:

  • Burge: In the hallway outside of the Burge Market Place (entrance)
  • Catlett: In the hallway outside of the Catlett Market Place (entrance)
  • Hillcrest: On the first level outside of the Riverview Lounge, down the hall from the information desk.
  • Mayflower: In the carpeted lobby area near the windows

Mailings and mailboxes (USG President/USG VP Candidates Only)

Candidates for president/vice president of USG may make a general distribution of printed campaign literature once through the mailboxes prior to each election. Materials for USG mailings must be approved and delivered to locations designated by University Housing and Dining four days prior to placement in mailboxes. For more information on mass mailings, please refer to our policy above.

Political activities not allowed in the residence halls

The following political activities are not allowed in the residence halls. 

Posters on public walls and windows, on public doors, at building entrances
Digital signs are permitted as outlined above. Posting is not permitted in any other public areas of the residence halls.

Distribution to resident rooms and residential areas
Campaign or election materials of any kind may not be:

  • Distributed door-to-door.
  • Placed underneath the doors or on doorknobs of residence hall rooms.
  • Placed in residential areas.

Campaigning and the distribution of material in public areas
Campaigning and the distribution of any type of material cannot be distributed anywhere in the residence halls. This also includes messaging such as, "get out and vote.” 

Campaigning in Burge, Catlett and Hillcrest Market Places
Campaigning, campaign dinners and table-to-table “politicking” are prohibited in Burge, Catlett and Hillcrest Market Place dining facilities. All political activities that interfere with or disturb the normal dining atmosphere are prohibited. 

Direct mailings to mailboxes of residents in the halls
Candidates for public office, all political organizations and organizations sponsoring a political event cannot distribute mail through residence hall mailboxes without United States postage. The exception is USG president and vice president candidates only as indicated earlier in the sections above.

For more information or to report a violation of this policy, please contact Carol Rose ( or 319-335-3000.

You can reach out to the Student Life Communications team at

Marketing requests

University Housing and Dining team members can use this form below to place a marketing request. 

Iowa student organizations should not use this form for submitting digital displays and will need to follow the instructions listed above. 

Student Life Communications requires a six (6) week minimum for completion and approval. Larger-scale projects and campaigns may require additional time. Please allow ample time for the scale of project you are requesting.