Billing information

Charges for your room, meal plan and Hawkeye Dollars will be billed in full in August for the fall semester, January for spring semester and June for summer housing. 

If your room assignment or meal plan changes, any credits or charges will be added to the next monthly U-Bill. Payments for University Housing and Dining costs are only payable through your U-Bill.  

You can pay your U-Bill online through your MyUI account. To view other methods of payment, contact the University Billing Office for more information. 

Your housing contract states that you are responsible for paying your bill in full when billed. Failure to pay your U-Bill may result in the removal from campus housing. If you cannot pay your bill, schedule an appointment with our contracts and assignments staff in 4141 Burge Hall to discuss your circumstances. 

Room rates

Your room rate is per person for the full academic year. Room rates are based on the number of occupants and amenities in each room, with additional costs for a shared/private/single-user bathroom, and/or shared kitchen. All room rates include heat, electricity, air conditioning, water, cable TV, internet and garbage services. Rates cover the academic year (including fall and spring breaks).

Each semester you live in the halls, you also have $100 in Hawkeye Dollars added to your Iowa OneCard. Hawkeye Dollars can be used at a variety of locations on campus for laundry, vending machine or convenience store purchases.

Meal plan rates

All students living in the residence halls are required to purchase either a gold or black meal plan.

If you live in a room with a University-supplied kitchen you have the option of a Hawkeye meal plan.

Meal plans for the 2024-25 academic year will open for purchase on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2024. You can make adjustments to your plan online in the first few weeks of each semester. 

Plan Refunds

Learn about the refund schedule.

What are Hawkeye dollars?

Hawkeye dollars are funds available to you with your room contract that may be used at all campus dining locations, laundry services, and at some vending machines in the residence halls. You will see $100 Hawkeye dollars added to your account at the beginning of each semester you live in the residence halls.

You can also purchase additional Hawkeye dollars and check your balance online and at filling stations located in Burge, Catlett, Hillcrest and Mayflower.

Your Hawkeye dollars will expire upon termination of the card holder's active affiliation with the University of Iowa as a current student or upon 12 months of inactivity in the account, whichever comes first. You may also apply for a refund of unused Hawkeye dollars.

Purchase or Refund Hawkeye Dollars

If you would like to purchase Hawkeye Dollars for a student you can do so online. Anyone can purchase Hawk Dollars for a student, but you must have your student's HawkID. 

To request a refund on unused Hawkeye Dollars, please carefully read the refund policy below. 

Refund Policy: Requests for refunds of balances remaining in a student's Hawkeye Dollars account will only be granted when the student's affiliation with the University of Iowa ends, due to graduation, withdrawal from the University, or termination of employment. Requests for refunds must be received within ninety (90) days of graduation, withdrawal, or termination.  Any funds left in the account longer than ninety (90) days are forfeited and become the property of the university.

To request a refund, please fill out a form below.

Hawkeye Dollar Refund Request Form