Plan ahead

Start packing early! Believe it or not, packing your belongings and cleaning your room will likely take longer than you expect. Take some breaks when preparing for finals and pack a few items. 

Talk with your roommate (or suitemates) about any room damages that have occurred before you check out of the residence hall. To claim responsibility for damages or for missing items, go to the front desk Monday-Friday between 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Moving carts will be available, but in high demand. Consider bringing a hand cart or dolly, if possible.

Move out of your room and end of year inspection

Students must move out of their residence hall by 12 p.m. on May 11, 2024. We ask that students move out of the residence halls within 24-hours after their last final or by 12pm on May 11, 2024, whichever comes first. UHD recommends that you move out earlier in the week if possible to help with the number of people moving out at one time at the end of the week.

You are responsible for the general condition of your assigned room, as well as the area outside your room. You are expected to leave your room in a manner similar to the condition at the beginning of your contract period.

All rooms will be thoroughly inspected for damage. All residents of your room will be billed equally for any damage and/or missing residence hall property, unless one roommate claims responsibility. 

You will also be checked on the following below:

  • Floors swept/carpet vacuumed.
  • Door (Decorative paint, tape and writing removed).
  • Desks, bookshelves, cabinet and vanities cleaned out.
  • Personal bathrooms/kitchens cleaned.
  • Draperies and screens on windows.
  • Trash and recycling bins present in the room.
  • Sinks cleaned.
  • Closets cleaned.
  • Windows closed and locked.
  • Room furnishings (all present and in good condition).

Returning your MicroFridge

If you rented a microwave/fridge combo from My MicroFridge, formerly known as Campus Fridges, Etc., follow these instructions:

  1. Lay towels down under the fridge to protect the floor.
  2. Unplug and defrost the fridge.
  3. Take out all food and drinks.
  4. Remove all stickers and magnets.
  5. Ensure all parts are there.
  6. Completely clean inside and outside of unit.
  7. Leave unit in your room, unplugged, with microwave and refrigerator doors propped open.

Make sure the unit is clean, dry, and free of any stickers to avoid a $30 cleaning charge. 

Key dates

April 22

Sign up opens to let us know when you will move out

April 28 - May 5

Extended quiet hours from 7 p.m. - 10 a.m.

April 29 - May 6

Storage Squad materials available for pick up at Catlett, Burge, Hillcrest, and Mayflower

May 3 - 4

UI REACH move out dates

May 5 - 11

24-hour quiet hours begin at 7 p.m. on May 7 and last through 8 a.m. May 13.

May 6 - 10

Final exam week.

May 10

Market places close at 2 p.m.

May 11

Residence halls close at 12 p.m. (noon). All students must be checked out by this time.

*We ask that all students move out of the halls within 24-hours after their last final.
*Graduating seniors may request to stay until 12 p.m. (noon) on May 12.

Starting April 22, let us know when you are leaving the UI campus. Click on "Spring 2024 move out plans" in the top menu once you've logged into the housing portal.

Checkout options

The following are various ways to check out of your residence hall room. 

Express checkout

When you arrive for your assigned move-out slot, you will complete an express checkout process as described below:

  1. Remove all belongings from your room, clean your room and take all remaining trash outside.
  2. Lock your door.
  3. Check your mailbox one last time.
  4. Return carts.
  5. Got to the front desk, bring your room key and student ID and ask to check out.
  6. Turn in all keys and checked out items.
  7. An RA will check your room for damages at a later date. If there are damages, you will receive that information by email.


After hours checkout

If the desk is closed, please complete the express check out card found at the front desk, place your key in an envelope and label clearly and return to the correct location. 

You must go to the desk to check out or complete the after hours check out process. If you do not, you will receive a $50 check out fee. Additionally, if you do not return your room key, you will receive a $150 lock change fee.

Emergency one-night stay

If you have an unexpected circumstance that prevents you from checking out by 12 p.m. (noon) on May 11, you may request a late stay from your hall coordinator. If the hall coordinator approves this request, a $50 charge will be billed to your university account.

If you are granted a one night checkout extension, you must move your belongings from the residence hall, complete all checkout processes and return your keys by 12 p.m. (noon) on May 12. Failure to do so will result in additional charges for improper checkout and lock changes.

Interim housing

If you currently live in the residence halls and are registered to live with University Housing and Dining for summer 2024, you may request to stay in your spring 2024 room from May 11 until May 15 for a fee of $35 per day. No meal service is provided during this period.

You can sign up for interim housing online with the summer 2024 housing application. You will be emailed when your summer room is ready in Daum Residence Hall and must be completely moved out of your spring 2024 room by 8 a.m. on May 15.

You will also be responsible for transporting your belongings to Daum Residence Hall and properly checking out of your spring 2024 room.

Parking and transportation

Parking near the halls will be limited and for a limited time for active loading only. Please do not bring a car to the areas around the residence halls until you are ready to begin actively loading your vehicle

East Campus

If you are moving out on the east side of campus, we ask that you park in the North Campus parking ramp, instead of on the street.

Burge, Currier, Stanley, and Daum Halls

The “U” around the halls will be open for you to park a car to actively load starting on Wednesday, May 8, and will be available throughout the rest of the week. You will receive a dashboard slip when you arrive at the parking area (entrance is between Burge and Currier Halls), we ask that you move your car after 30-45 minutes so that we can have room for the next Hawkeye to move out of their residence hall. On Saturday, May 11, we will also have parking available in the lot next to Currier Hall and the lot next to Daum Hall available for active loading only.

Catlett Hall 

  • For those moving out Monday, May 6 or Tuesday, May 7: you should plan to park in the North Campus Ramp, which is behind Catlett Hall. Make sure to take a ticket as you enter and you can park at any spot in the ramp. When you check out of Catlett Hall and return your key to the front desk, you will be able to get a parking pass to use when exiting the parking ramp. These passes will cover the cost of up to one hour of parking. Residents that have a car parked in the lot longer than one hour will be expected to pay the difference in parking fees.  
  • If you will move out Wednesday, May 10 – Saturday, May 11, parking will be available on Madison St. Please stop to talk with staff as you arrive closer to Catlett to get a Parking pass. You will be limited to park for one hour. 

Mayflower Hall

The gates to the parking lot behind Mayflower will be up starting on Wednesday, May 10. This parking lot will be available for you to use to move your belongings out of Mayflower Hall. If you are bringing a car to the Mayflower lot that you do not have a Mayflower parking pass for, please try to keep your car there for less than one hour to allow other students space to move out. The small parking lot next to Mayflower is also available for you to use to move out. Do not park in front of the building on Dubuque Street.

Parklawn Hall  

The lot behind Parklawn Hall is available to move out for students that are actively unloading. If you need to keep a car near Parklawn longer, please move it to the Hancher Lot, which is open to the public after 4:30pm Monday – Thursday and all day Friday and Saturday.

West Campus

If you are moving out on the west side of campus, you are instructed to park at the metered spots surrounding your residence hall. 

Slater Hall

For Slater Hall residents, you should plan to park in Lot 14, which is next to Slater Hall, or the nearby Field House parking ramp. When you check out of Slater Hall and return your key to the front desk, you will be able to get a parking pass to use when exiting the parking lot. These passes will cover the cost of up to one hour of parking. Residents that have a car parked in the lot longer than one hour will be expected to pay the difference in parking fees.

Hillcrest, Petersen, Rienow Hall 

For Hillcrest, Petersen, and Rienow residents, the parking zones around the residence halls will not accept payment on the passport app as parking will be for active loading during residence hall move out only. If you need to park more long term, please bring your car to a nearby ramp and then move your car closer when you are ready to load your car. You will receive a dashboard slip when you arrive at the parking area (between Rienow Hall and the pharmacy building), we ask that you move your car after 30-45 minutes so that we can have room for the next Hawkeye to move out of their residence hall. On Saturday, May 11, Lot 13 near Hillcrest Hall will also be available for those to use to actively move out.


Store your items

You can pack up your items and Storage Squad will store them over the summer.

Cleaning, damage and improper checkout fees

Cleaning, damage and improper checkout fees

Improper checkout


This fee will be assessed for the following reasons:

  • Not being checked out by 12 p.m. on May 11.
  • Failing to check out with the front desk and completing all necessary paperwork.

One hour minimum charge

$25 an hour and per person

Excessive cleaning needed

$25 an hour and per person

Furniture removal

$25 per item minimum charge


$35 an hour

Holes in wall

$180 starting rate



Room key is not turned in


If you receive damage charges you will receive an email with your final charges. Assessed damages will normally appear on your June university bill. To appeal the charges, you may do so in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Appeals will only be accepted from you (the student).
  • The appeal request should state your name, ID, residence hall and room number.
  • The appeal request must state the specific charge(s) being appealed and grounds on which you are appealing.
  • The appeal request must be received within 30 days of the date on the receipt of the damage email.
  • Appeals must be submitted in writing. We will not accept phone calls to appeal.
  • Appeal requests should be addressed to the assistant director of residence education and emailed to