Two men talking with a senator at the state capitol house

Engage in the political process.

Are you interested in politics and government? Come together with other students who are interested in political and legislative issues. This community will help you explore politics, give you access to expert faculty and alumni, and learn about potential career options.

All first-year students in this community are required to one of the courses below. This course fulfills a general education or major requirement and students will be pre-enrolled prior to orientation.

This community is open to all students.  

Living Learning Community Courses

Structure and processes of American national government; how the United States manages political conflict; impact of the U.S. Constitution; effect of public opinion, interest groups, and media on government; role and evolution of Congress, presidency, bureaucracy, and Supreme Court.

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Survey of key issues in international relations, including causes of wars, different types of theories of international relations, international organizations, and global environmental problems.

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