How we make assignments

That the best campus experiences come from the relationships you make within your residence hall, not the location. 

Housing assignments at Iowa are determined based on a variety of different factors. Below are the different factors we use to determine your assignment. 

Living Learning Community

One factor we use to determine your assignment is based on your Living Learning Community. In our communities, you'll be assigned to live with other students who share your same major or identity. 

You can apply to join a Living Learning Community from January - May 2023.

Medical (ADA) accommodations

Our team works with any student who requests a housing or dining accommodations on an individual basis. It is important to communicate early and thoroughly with University Housing and Dining staff to ensure your needs can be met most effectively. Your accommodations needed can have an impact on your housing assignment. 

If you need to request an accommodation, you will need to fill out a Reasonable Accommodation Request form. 

Roommate requests

On your housing application, you will have the ability to request a roommate. Once you submit your housing application, you can search for a roommate based on answers to the lifestyle questionnaire and community preferences. 

Your roommate request must be mutually confirmed online in the housing portal.

Room selection date

The date you select your room will also have an impact on your assignment.

New student room selection times are determined on a first-come, first-served basis. This is based on the date you submit your housing application online. Online room selection takes place in early June. 

Returning students who apply by February 2023 are provided a room selection time based on the number of semesters they have lived in the residence halls. Room selection takes place online in March.

Changes to your space

Almost all students will select their own rooms for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

If you need a room change, you will be emailed with details about how to request a room change when our team can begin offering assignment changes. 

University Housing and Dining does not offer contract releases due to a roommate conflict.

Changes to your space

Our waitlist is utilized to offer a specific room type within a specific building as it becomes available. 

The fall 2022 waitlist will open in September 2022 with offers being extended as space allows through December 9, 2022.

The spring 2023 waitlist will open in January 2023 with offers being extended as space allows between February 6, 2023 – March 24, 2023. 

Spaces are offered via email to you in the order in which your request was received. If you are hopeful to change your room assignment with a specific person, please be sure to include their name in your request.

You must respond to the room change offer in order to either accept the room change offer or remain on our waitlists. Failure to respond to a room change offer will result in the removal of your name from all of our waitlists.

This waitlist is utilized to offer space in a Living Learning Community as it becomes available.

You may place yourself on this waitlist type by emailing You will need to include your name, University ID and the LLC you wish to be placed on the waitlist for.

Please note: This is only offered during the summer months. 

Restroom types

Each residence hall at the University of Iowa has a variety of restroom types. Our halls offer community-style, single-user, suite-style and private restrooms. Private restrooms have very limited availability across all our halls.

Residence hall pages offer descriptions and photos of each of these restroom types. 

Live on campus

View our residence halls.

What comes in my room?

All rooms at Iowa come with a desk, lofted bed, dresser, closet, curtains, trash and recycling containers. After that, it is up to you!

Typical furniture dimensions

One of each item per resident will be in the room.

Lofted bed: 81.5 inches (width), 58 inches (height), 40 inches (depth).
Dresser: 30 inches (width), 30 inches (height), 30 inches (depth).
Desk and chair: 48 inches (width), 30 inches (height), 24 inches (depth).
Closet: 37 inches (width), 72 inches (height).

Closet configuration varies by residence hall. 

Bed configuration options

  • 24 inches (mattress height), 40 inches (width), 85 inches (length), 37 inches (total bed height).
  • Mayflower: 19 inches (mattress height), 40 inches (width), 85 inches (length), 36 inches (total bed height).

  • 69 inches (mattress height), 40 inches (width), 85 inches (length), 74 inches (total bed height).

  • 69 inches (mattress height), 40 inches (width), 85 inches (height), 74 inches (total bed height)​​​​​​​.
  • Mayflower: 68 inches (mattress height), 40 inches (width), 85 inches (length), 72 inches (total bed height)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

  • 33 inches (mattress height), 40 inches (width), 85 inches (height), 37 inches (total bed height)​​​​​​​.
  • Mayflower: 32 inches (mattress height), 40 inches (width), 85 inches (length), 36 inches (total bed height)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

  • 43 inches (mattress height), 40 inches (width), 85 inches (height), 37 inches (total bed height).
  • Mayflower: 42 inches (mattress height),​​​​​​​ 40 inches (width), 85 inches (height), 35 inches (total bed height).