We're excited that you are considering living with us on campus and want you to have a memorable experience. Housing assignments are determined based on a variety of different factors below.


Here at Iowa, we want you to be in community. That is why all housing assignments are based on the community experience that you choose: a Living Learning Community, Honors, Returning Student or New Student. You can apply to join an LLC by May 3, 2021.

We encourage you to preference communities based on the topic and experience you are looking for, not simply the location. The best Hawkeye experiences come from the relationships you make within your residence hall, not the location. Please note, locations may change from year to year based on interest in the community.

Did you miss the deadline but want to join an Living Learning Community? Email us at housing@uiowa.edu.

Room Selection

New and returning students select their own room for 2021-2022.  New Student room selection times are determined on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the date a student submits their housing application online. New students who apply by May 3, 2021 are eligible to participate in online room selection in June/July. 

Returning Students who apply by February 15, 2021 are provided a room selection time based on the number of semesters they have lived in the residence halls. Room selection takes place online in March.

New Hawkeyes will select a room in New Student Housing or a Living Learning Community, if accepted.  If you join the honors program, you will automatically have the opportunity to select a room in Honors house as space allows.  More details about room selection will be sent to you in mid-June. 


PDF iconResidence Hall Comparison (Building) 2021-2022

PDF iconResidence Hall Comparison (Room Type) 2021-2022

How to Select Your Room

Learn more about selecting your room by viewing the video below.


Roommate Requests

All students who submit a housing application will have the option to request roommates. Once your housing application is complete, you can search for a roommate based on answers to the lifestyle questionnaire and community preferences.  Your roommate request must be mutually confirmed online by the following dates: 

  • Returning student roommate requests must be mutually confirmed by February 15, 2021.
  • New student roommate requests must be mutually confirmed by May 3, 2021.


Residence Hall Restroom Types

Each residence hall at the University of Iowa has a variety of restroom types. More information on each type is listed below. 

Please note: All residence halls have sinks within their room(s), except for Petersen Residence Hall.

A community-style restroom is a larger restroom on single-gendered floors. These are located in Burge, Currier, Hillcrest, and Rienow halls. These restrooms accommodate approximately 16-20 students at a time. As you enter the restroom, you will see a line of sinks, a row of stalls with latching doors for toilets, as well as separate row of stalls for showers offering plenty of privacy. Our custodial staff cleans the restrooms daily with their cleaning schedule posted outside of the restroom.

A single-user restroom is a restroom that is a restroom that is designed for one person at a time. As you enter the restroom, you will see a sink, a toilet, as well as a shower for your use, all behind a locking door. Single-user restrooms are open to residents of any gender. These are located in Catlett, Daum, Petersen, Slater, and Stanley halls. Our custodial staff cleans the restrooms daily with their cleaning schedule posted outside of the restroom.

A suite-style restroom is a restroom that has  a sink, toilet, and shower that is shared with a roommate as well as the adjoining room. Students assigned to adjoining rooms are all of the same gender and are collectively responsible for cleaning the bathroom. These are located in Burge (limited availability) and Mayflower halls. 

A private restroom is a restroom has a private bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower behind a closed door. This bathroom is used only by the residents of the room and they are responsible for cleaning. Private restrooms are located in Burge, Daum, Hillcrest, Rienow, and Stanley halls. Please note: these restrooms are available to students in limited quantities.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

Gender-Inclusive Housing provides students the opportunity to apply for University housing spaces without regard to their gender. This housing option is not intended for romantic partners to live as roommates, but is focused on creating an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment where students can live together regardless of sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression. You are able to update your preferred name and pronouns, sex, gender, and standard name by changing your University of Iowa record.

All students are eligible to participate in Gender-Inclusive Housing, but must opt-in to the program.  

All of our residence halls are currently mixed-gender living environments in three configurations based on the building design and restroom facilities available:

  • Single Gender Wings or Floors – A hallway or portion of a building designated for a particular gender (ex. all-female or all-male floors).  Students in these assignments share a bedroom and bathroom with students of the same gender. These floors have single gender, traditional, community style restrooms (several toilet and shower stalls within the restroom).
  • Mixed Gender By Floor – Students in these assignments share a bedroom with students of the same gender.  However, their neighbors may be different genders (ex. a female room next to a male room). Restrooms may be community style and designated female or male, or single user (individual use rooms with shower, toilet and sink behind a lockable door).
  • Suite-Style – Students in these assignments share a bedroom with students of the same gender. Their bedroom is connected to another bedroom of students of the same gender by shared bathroom and kitchen spaces. The restrooms in this hall are single user individual use rooms with shower, toilet and sink behind a lockable door).

Our goal is to provide each of our communities with restroom facilities available to support each roommate’s gender identity.  For some roommates, this may mean an assignment on a hall floor that has either women’s and men’s community style restrooms or single user restrooms.  For others, this may mean a double room with a private bathroom or suite-style restroom. 

On the housing application students must opt into the program by selecting, “Yes, I am interested in participating in Gender-Inclusive Housing." 

Yes. Once students indicate an interest in Gender-Inclusive Housing on their application, they will receive an email with information about roommate matching.  Due to the unique nature this housing option, an additional roommate matching process has been established to connect with fellow Hawkeyes. 

All roommate requests must be mutual and confirmed, with identical community preference lists. The roommate deadline for returning students is February 1, 2020 and May 15, 2020 for incoming students. Our staff will be in contact with confirmed roommate pairs for room assignment.

Students interested in participating in Gender-Inclusive Housing and have additional questions may talk with any of our Contracts and Assignments staff, Breann Fredrickson or Virginia Ibrahim-Olin via telephone 319-335-3000 or email, housing@uiowa.edu

Assignment Changes

Students will select their own rooms for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Students will be emailed with details about how to request a room change when we can begin offering assignment changes.

This waitlist is utilized to offer a specific room type within a specific building as it becomes available. 

Our Fall 2021 Room Change Waitlist will open on September 1, 2021 with offers being extended as space allows through December 10, 2021. 

Our Spring 2022 Room Change Waitlist will open on January 25, 2022 with offers being extended as space allows February 7, 2022 -  March 25, 2022.

Spaces are offered via email to students in the order in which their request was received. If you are hopeful to change your room assignment with a specific person, please be sure to include their name in your request. Students must respond to the room change offer in order to either accept the room change offer or remain on our waitlists. Failure to respond to a room change offer will result in the removal of their name from all of our waitlists.

To add your name to our waitlists, please visit our housing portal.

This waitlist is utilized to offer space in a living-learning community as it becomes available.  Students may place themselves on the Living Learning Community Waitlist through the housing application portal beginning in July 2021. When adding your name to the waitlist, please be sure to include your LLC preference in the comments section.

Contract releases due to roommate conflicts will not be granted, as many students are able to mediate roommate differences. Living with roommates isn’t always easy—sharing a space can be stressful and conflicts may arise and are natural.

All students living on campus are required to complete a roommate and/or suitemate success plan within the first month of living on campus. These plans facilitate conversations between students around what is acceptable and expected within the shared living space.  

If this has been completed and you are still having conflicts with your roommate that you are unable to resolve on your own, your RA can hold a mediation meeting with all residents of the space. This is an opportunity to address concerns, brainstorm solutions, and create a timeline for improvement.