Why should I live on campus?

At the University of Iowa, choosing to live on campus means you’ll gain more than just a place to live. Your on-campus experience is a place to discover, learn and grow. Don’t take our word for it. Did we mention that nearly 94% of first-year students choose to live with us? Here's why:

Two students talking and walking down the stairs

Connect in community

Living on campus allows you to build connections and make new friends. You'll instantly be connected with the Iowa community and have a unique experience that you can only get while in college.

Student in a simulated counseling session

Support when you need it

It can be hard to adjust to life in college. We make it easier with a residence education team, resident assistants and embedded therapists who are there when you need support.

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Live with roommates

A roommate is an essential part of your Iowa experience. This allows you to understand the differences of another person, learn how to get along with others and make the most of living in the residence halls.

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Opportunities for personal growth

We believe that community connections are vital to your success. This takes your Iowa experience to the next level by creating opportunities for you to grow and learn from others.

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Close to what matters most

We're a Big Ten college town that feels small. Living at Iowa, you'll be closer to classes, on-campus dining, libraries, restaurants, shops and everything the university and Iowa City has to offer. 

Two students sitting on a couch and talking with Iowa letters in the background

Invested in your success

Hawk Talks are conversations that allow our team to connect with you on a personal level, discuss ways that you can get involved and help you feel at home on our campus.

Live at Iowa

Discover your passion. Build your community.

Live in a welcoming community

For students that live in our residence halls, we believe it is up to all of us to create and uphold an welcoming and respectful community. 

What is a welcoming community?

An inclusive community is one in which:

  • The dignity of each human is recognized, valued and respected.
  • Everyone has access to resources and support to help them be successful.
  • People are comfortable to be themselves, make mistakes and learn from each other.
  • Each person has an opportunity to develop a sense of belonging and importance by having their uniqueness recognized and celebrated.
  • People are willing to recognize and consider their own behaviors that may be hurtful to others. 

How you can help

As you choose to reside in, work in, or visit these spaces, you have the responsibility to help uphold a welcoming community by:

  • Understanding your personal values, identities, beliefs, and experiences will influence your behaviors and interactions with people, and may differ from other community members’ values, identities, and experiences.
  • Listening, with respect, to others who have similar and different perspectives than your own.
  • Support the UI's mission and core values by exhibiting creativity, community, excellence, access, and integrity.
  • Acknowledging that conflict is part of being human. When in conflict, seek to others' perspectives and work together to determine ways to move forward with growth and learning.