Associated Residence Halls (ARH)

The University of Iowa Associated Residence Halls strives to create an inclusive environment in the residence halls through programming and advocacy for residence hall life. ARH provides a voice for those who live on campus in order to make positive changes for communities in the residence halls. This is done through intentional programming, leadership development and hall associations. 

General information

For the 2023-24 academic year, each residence hall will elect executive members. 

If you are interested in being involved with your hall association, you can apply here, or reach out to your hall coordinator. 

Positions available   

  • President 
  • Vice president 
  • Finance director 
  • Programming and marketing director 
  • Service and recognition director 

Time commitment   

  • Attend weekly or bi-weekly hall and board meetings (determined by your advisor).
  • Attend weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings with your advisor 
  • Execute building programs 

The ARH board of directors is full for the 2022-23 academic year. This process will consist of the following steps:

  1. You will submit your Bid online.
  2. Current ARH board or senate (if in session) members will discuss bids and voting will take place.
  3. You will receive an email notifying you of your position. 

Please note: If you are running for multiple positions please be very thorough on each positional page regarding why you would like that position, how you plan to grow in that position and what you want to see be done in that position. There is a bidding process template and contact information if you have questions while submitting your bids.

Below are helpful links for finance and funding through Associate Residence Halls. 

ARH Funding Request - Student organizations across campus can request funding from ARH for events that will benefit residents in the halls. 

ARH Hall Association Funding - A form for hall association finance directors only. 

Center of Student Involvement and Leadership Grant Funding - Student organizations must be currently recognized by UISG or GPSG at the time of the applications and at the time of the event or program. Additionally, other organizations, which include but are not limited to, university-wide collaborations and organizations are eligible to apply (e.g. Celebrating Cultural Diversity Festival, CAB Events, Night Games, Family Weekend, Welcome Week, OnIowa!).

We provide many fundraising opportunities in the residence halls. These fundraising efforts allow for ARH to host and assist with a multitude of events to students across campus and in the residence halls.

Fundraising opportunities

MicroFridge: A MicroFridge is an approved refrigerator, freezer and microwave combination. If you are interested in a rentable microwave minifridge option, visit or call 1-800-525-7307 to rent a fridge and have it delivered to your room before move-in. 

Futons: Want a futon without the hassle of the store? This option allows you to purchase and receive your furniture in your room before you arrive to campus! 

Linens and Care Packages: Our linens program allows students and parents to order linen patterns they love and will fit the dimensions of the beds in our residence halls.

Care Packages are an opportunity to send someone you love a piece of home, a little study break fuel or just the essentials. Care Packages can be sent anytime throughout the year. 

The following scholarships are available for students. 

Associated Residence Halls (ARH) George Droll Scholarship 

This award is granted to a current residence hall student who plans to return to the halls. This student has demonstrated leadership and commitment to community in the halls and to ARH. 

Amount: $500-$1,000 
Qualifications: Returning residence hall student who has demonstrated leadership and commitment to community in the residence halls. Students can apply directly for this scholarship, by April 18, 2022. Students can submit an application here

ARH Shining STARS 

This award is granted to a current residence hall student who is interested in the field of student affairs. This student has sought out acceptance into the STARS college program through ACUHO-I. STARS college is a three-day experience for undergraduate students interested in learning about student affairs and campus housing professions. STARS College offers large group presentations, interactive activities, role-play situations, self-evaluation and small mentoring groups to educate participants about what a career in campus housing offers. 

Amount: Up to $2,000. This will cover the cost of registration, travel and food during the duration of STARS college.
Qualifications: Students who have one full year of undergraduate study remaining in their college career and who show a commitment to higher education and have an on-campus mentor who continue the mentoring process and help expose winners to the higher education field after STARS college has concluded. Students can submit an application here.