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Celebrate being a first generation student at Iowa. 

At the University of Iowa, first-generation students are those students who do not have a parent(s) or guardian(s) who completed a four-year degree. At the University of Iowa, about one in five students do not have a parent or legal guardian who has completed a four-year degree. 

This community helps build a meaningful support system as you transition to the University of Iowa. You'll have the opportunity to develop close relationships with your peers who also identify as first-generation,  connect with faculty and staff who are personally invested in your success, and learn about resources and programs designed specifically for you.

This Living Learning Community requires students to take an academic course connected to the community. You will be pre-enrolled in the LLC course, which will be included in your academic schedule prior to summer orientation.

Enrollment in RHET:1030 is an important component of the First-Generation LLC cohort experience. We ask that all new first year and transfer students who participate in this LLC plan to take this course during the fall semester of their first year at The University of Iowa. Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who have already met a Rhetoric requirement prior to coming to The University of Iowa will not be charged duplication. Students in other colleges should speak with their academic advisor about this or contact

This community is open to any student who identifies as First Generation. The University of Iowa identifies First Generation students are those who do not have a parent or guardian who completed a four-year higher education degree.

Mechail H.

Coming to the University of Iowa as a first generation college student was challenging at first. By joining this LLC, I was easily able to connect with campus resources that have helped me succeed. Additionally, I’ve been able to make friends with other students in this community who also identify as first generation. The support that I have received in this community has helped me excel both in and out of the classroom.

Mechail H.

Joining this LLC has given me a chance to get involved and take part in many learning experiences on the University of Iowa campus. As a first generation student, I was able to take courses/ programs relating to college finances and time management, that complimented my community experience. I know the courses and friendships that I have made have set me up for success.

Jaedon V.
Living Learning Community Courses

Analysis and critique to discover, question, explain, and justify positions and claims made in writing and speaking; reading and listening to comprehend and assess arguments; employment of rhetorical concepts (e.g., purpose, audience); understanding research as responsible inquiry for speaking and writing; special topics, activities.

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Campus Partners

A campus partner is a faculty or staff member on the University of Iowa campus that is passionate about the community and who meets regularly with a designated living learning community team. These individuals guide the learning component of the community, may teach the course in common, and help connect students to various resources across campus.

Angie Lamb
Assistant Director, Academic Support and Retention