How it works

We're glad you've chosen to live with us again!

To be eligible for housing as a returning student, individuals must currently live on campus, be participating in an internship outside of Johnson County, or be studying abroad. Students must be registered for 7 or more semester hours for Fall 2024 by May 8, 2024. 

Roommate matching is open through February 1. Students that apply in November and December are encouraged to check back in January as the pool of potential roommate(s) will be larger. 

Time slots are determined by the amount of time a student has lived in the residence halls. For example, if you are returning to the residence hall for your 4th year, you would be in the first group of time slots assigned to select your room. Current first year students that apply by February 1 will be randomized together. 

Students will be notified of their room selection timeslot by 5pm on February 9, 2024. The student with the earlier timeslot will pick a room for roommate groups.



Returning student waitlist

Returning students that apply for housing after February 1 will be automatically placed on a waitlist for housing. A space within University Housing and Dining is not guaranteed; our office will provide a housing status update in July 2024. If offered a contract, assignments will be made by UHD staff.

Key dates

October 2023

Keep an eye on your UIowa email to get more information on the return to housing process.

November 15, 2023

Returning student housing application will open at 12pm.

February 1, 2024

Deadline to apply for housing.

February 2, 2024

Late applicants will be automatically placed on a waitlist for housing with an update to their housing status in July.

February 15, 2024

Deadline to apply for ADA/Medical Accommodations.

February 12 - 23, 2024

Returning student room selection.

February 28, 2024

Contracts will be sent.

March 6, 2024

Contracts binding.

March 8 - 25, 2024

Room changes for contracted students.

May 8, 2024

Deadline for contracted students to be registered for 7 or more semester hours for Fall 2024.

Returning student application instructions

You can login to your Application via MyUI. If you've already started filling out an application, this allows you to return to that contract. 

Application Insturctions

This page allows us to gather some personal information for your housing contract. By giving us your additional contact emails, we can send these individuals important information and updates about living on campus. Anyone can opt out of this communication later, if they wouldn't like to receive these updates. 

On this page, we offer a place for you to give us information about who to contact if you are reported missing. Federal law requires that we obtain this information for all students living on campus.

University Housing and Dining maintains your privacy and adherence to FERPA. Providing an additional contact will only give them general information, it will not grant them permission to access your specific housing and dining information.

This page allows you to request a reasonable medical accommodation. If you need to request an accommodation, you are able to download and complete a form. You will also need to check the box that states that you are requesting a reasonable housing accommodation.

Your accommodation is not complete until you receive official confirmation from University Housing and Dining after completing all steps of the process. We will work with you one-on-one to complete the process. 

February 15 is our priority deadline for ADA requests for returning students.

Please take the time to review your housing contract, as it is a legally binding agreement. If you agree to the terms of the contract, you will receive a copy of the terms and conditions of your contract to your email address upon completion of your application.

You will be asked to electronically sign this page by entering you full name and eight digit university ID number. 

This contract becomes binding seven days after you are notified of your room assignment via email. 

Your $75 non-refundable housing payment is required with your housing application. This fee is payable via credit card. We are able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

This page allows you to officially submit your housing application. Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email to your University of Iowa email address.

This section allows you to tell a bit about yourself for roommate matching. What you write in this section will be displayed to help you potentially match with a future roommate.

Living Learning Communities allow you to connect with other students that share your same major or identity. We encourage you to consider a Living Learning Community (LLC) experience in our residence halls.

Students will be able to apply for one community by selecting that specific community and answering a few brief questions. LLC applications must be received by February 1.

This is where you can search for or request a roommate to live with. You are able to search for potential roommates based on responses to the lifestyle questionnaire or a common LLC interest. 

Roommate requests must be mutually confirmed online by February 1. 

The University of Iowa assumes no responsibility and provides no insurance or financial protection for your personal property. You are fully responsible for your belongings when living on campus and we highly encourage all students to obtain renter’s insurance.

University of Iowa residents are eligible to protect their belongings through GradGuard's exclusive student-endorsed renter's insurance program. For about $13 per month, you will receive protection in the case your property is stolen or damaged. Learn more about GradGuard.

This page allows you to select your meal plan for the upcoming year. Changes to the plan may be made in the first two weeks of the semester. If you do not select a meal plan, you will be assigned the gold meal plan by default.

If you apply by February 1, you will be able to participate in online room selection in mid-February.