How to Apply

Summer is a great time to explore the University of Iowa campus and we're glad you've chosen to live with us for the summer. Students are eligible for summer housing if you fit the requirements listed below. Please note: Interim housing between spring and summer or summer and fall may be requested. Instructions will be provided to students with deadlines to move between housing assignments. 


  • You are a University of Iowa student, who is registered for a minimum of one summer academic credit.
  • You have a valid University of Iowa student ID number and Iowa One card.

You may submit an online application once you have a Hawk ID and password. If you are under 18, a parent must provide permission in the online application. No student under the age of 16 is eligible to live with University Housing & Dining. You will need to verify emergency contact information, provide the dates that you are in need of housing, and room type preferences.

Students should submit a housing application by the following deadlines:

Courses with a May 14 start date: Application due no later than May 6.

  • 4-Week   (Check in: May 13, Check out: June 8)
  • 6-Week   (Check in: May 14,  Check out: June 22)
  • 12-Week  (Check in: May 14  Check out: August 3)

Courses with a mid-Summer start date:

  •    8-Week  (Check in: June 9, Check out: August 3) Application due no later than June 3.
  •    6-Week (Check in: June 23, Check out: August 3) Application due no later than June 17.

If you currently live with University Housing & Dining and need housing from May 12 to May 14, you may note this in your Summer Housing application. Once registered, you will stay in your current room until your summer room is ready for a fee of $30 per day, meals not included. We will send an email to your address when your summer room is ready in Stanley Hall.

All students signed up for interim housing should plan to move Tuesday, May 14. Due to summer construction projects, extensions will not be granted.  Students are responsible for transporting their own belongings to summer housing.  Additional information on interim housing can be found in the summer housing application and specific check-out instructions will be distributed at a later date. Please note, all beds will remain lofted and no furniture will be removed. Beds will only be delofted if there is an approved accommodation.

Medical (ADA) Accommodations

We will work with any student who requests housing or dining accommodations on an individual basis. It is important to communicate early and thoroughly with University Housing & Dining staff to ensure your needs can be met most effectively.  If you need to request an accommodation, you will need to fill out a Reasonable Accommodation Request Form.  Summer requests should be received by May 3, 2019 for greatest support and availability.

PDF iconRequest for Reasonable Accommodation Form


Room Assignments

Summer housing will be located in Currier Hall.  Students are assigned to rooms based on the order in which they submit a housing application. Assignments for Summer 2019 will be emailed to students starting in early May and continue on a rolling basis as space allows. Room rates for summer 2019 are listed below. 

12 Week Assignment

Check In: May 13
Check Out: August 3

Single: $4,211.52
Double: $2,984.80
Double w/ AC Pod: $3,537.48

8 Week Assignment

Check In: June 9
Check Out: August 3

Single: $2,824.80
Double: $2,002.00
Double w/ AC Pod: $2,372.70

6 Week Assignment (Option 1)

Check In: May 13
Check Out: June 22

Single: $2,054.40
Double: $1,456.00
Double w/ AC Pod: $1,725.60


6 Week Assignment (Option 2)

Check In: June 23
Check Out: August 3

Single: $2,105.76
Double: $1,492.40
Double w/ AC Pod: $1,768.74

4 Week Assignment

Check In: May 13
Check Out: June 8

Single: $1,335.36
Double: $946.40
Double w/ AC Pod: $1,121.64

Summer Dining Options

All residents are required to have a meal plan over the summer and University Dining offers different meal plans to meet your needs. If you need additional meals during the summer semester, you can increase your quantity by paying online or at the door. Additionally, if you need to change your meal plan, you can do so within the first week of summer housing. Learn more about summer meal plans