Be an RA!

Being a Resident Assistant is one of the most valuable experiences to today's college student. This position teaches numerous skills that will be useful to you for many years. Resident Assistants have the opportunity to increase their understanding of people, develop leadership skills, plan and present social and educational programs, fine tune time management skills, solve group conflicts, learn how to be a better ally and advocate for students, learn to deal with the unexpected, and be a valuable part of a team. It's a great first step to building the skills needed to be successful in your professional career after college. 

There are two opportunities available to become a part of the Residence Education Team. you can apply to be either of these opportunities - or both! Resident Assistant (RA) is a traditional position where you will live and work in the residence halls with primarily first-year students in a Living Learning Community. You can also apply to be a UI REACH RA, which is an RA that works directly with the UI REACH program. The UI REACH [Realizing Educational and Career Hopes] program works directly with students with learning and cognitive disabilities.

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