What Is An LLC?

Learn more about what a Living Learning Community (LLC) is at the University of Iowa and the benefits for students choosing to be a part of these communities by viewing the video on the left side of the screen.


  • Support your academic success - engaging in your community will help your GPA.
  • Exploring and experiencing the University of Iowa with students who share your interests.
  • Making connections with peers, mentors, and campus resources.
  • A feeling of belonging on the University of Iowa's large campus.

How Do I Choose?

At the University of Iowa, all students can choose between four different types of experiences, Living Learning Community, Honors, New Student, and Returning Student.

  • A Living Learning Community (LLC) experience focuses on placing students together based on academic areas of interest. Students are placed in smaller-residence hall communities, have support from an on-campus academic department, take a common course, and participate in events and initiatives that are unique to the LLC.
  • A Honors experience allows invited students to take advantage of the many resources on campus specifically for Honors students, including the Belin-Blank Honors Center. Students do not take a shared course, but have opportunities to engage with a community of other Honors students.
  • A New Student experience allows students to experience everything the University of Iowa has to offer. This experience focuses heavily on the Iowa Challenge and encourages students to explore the many resources available to first-year students on campus. 
  • A Returning Student experience is for students who have already lived in the residence halls for at least a year. Students have the opportunity to build peer relationships, connect with campus staff, and develop future goals for after graduation. 

Why Participate?

Making the transition from high school to college can be challenging. At the University of Iowa, we provide you with many resources and support structures. Your Resident Assistant (RA) is one way we support you. Your RA will plan events throughout the year to help you on your way. Research shows students who get involved in a community are more likely to:

  • Stay in college.

  • Earn a higher GPA.

  • Experience a greater degree of satisfaction with their overall college experience.

Your on-campus experience will be shaped by the community you choose, making your year at the University of Iowa memorable. In your community, you will be surrounded by students who are passionate about your interests—ensuring you will make fast friends. You will gain valuable experience and preparation to be a student leader on campus.

Community Questions?

Contact us at 319-335-3000 or res-education@uiowa.edu.