Emergency polices in the residence halls

Academic year 2023–24

Updated as of October 2023

  • Please explore your floor so that you evacuate using the nearest exit. Many students evacuate the halls using the main entrances/stairwells. Often, an alternative exit may be available to you.
  • Exit the building quickly.
  • Once you exit the hall, please move to a safe distance away from the building, but do not block traffic. RAs will typically instruct you where to go.
  • If a safe distance means the other side of a street, please be careful and look before crossing. Mayflower students will need to cross Dubuque St.
  • Do not open your window(s) when leaving the building. You should close and lock your room door; if you are in a public space, take any valuables you have with you.

In the cold winter months, close your windows and do not use your air conditioning unit. Using your air conditioning unit during cold weather will freeze the pipes in your room. Additionally, in the event of severe weather, take time to review the university’s Extreme Weather Policy.

In the event of a tornado or severe weather warning, please shelter in a lower level interior space.

You can view residence hall policies at this link.

You can view the UI campus policies at this link.

UI Emergency Response Guide

Learn what to do in the event of an emergency.