Elizabeth Catlett Hall is located on the site of the old Iowa City Water Plant located on Madison Street. Catlett is 12 stories tall and will house 1,049 students when it opens in the fall of 2017. The building will include a new market place, study rooms, lobby/lounge, and laundry.

Catlett Hall Building Features/Amenities: 

  • Catlett Hall will be 12 stories tall and house 1,049 residents
  • The 3rd floor will house the main floor of Catlett, which will include the front desk, resident education offices and student mailboxes
  • There will be three “houses” per floor
  • Each house will have its own floor lounge that overlooks the Iowa River
  • Study rooms on each floor
  • Fitness center on the 1st floor
  • Spacious laundry room on the 1st floor
  • A market place located on the 2nd floor that overlooks the Iowa River
  • Afterhours Cafe located on the 2nd floor
  • A recreation room will be located on the 3rd floor, will includes a pool table
  • Study commons will be located on the 3rd floor, that will have an open study area in the center surrounded by individual study rooms on the perimeter
  • A large multipurpose room on the 3rd floor to be used for large events and used by students as study space
  • A full kitchen located on the 3rd floor that residents can reserve 
  • A seminar room on the 3rd floor that can be used for instructors for LLCs, training, and student events
  • The main entry of the building will be a covered walkway stretching from the T. Anne Cleary walkway to the 3rd floor of the building
  • An additional major entry point to the building will be located off of Madison Street on the 1st floor
  • Small wireless router units in every room to connect to Wifi


  • Air Conditioning

  • Private Study Rooms

  • Study Commons

  • Outdoor Basketball hoops nearby

  • Cambus Service

  • Laundry

  • Handicap accessible

  • Dining Hall