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Grow and celebrate together.

Unidos means United in Spanish. The Unidos LLC will create a strong foundation for first-year Latinx identifying students by providing a platform for them to feel comfortable to challenge themselves as they transition to college. The Unidos LLC will bring a community to Latinx students from all walks of life, bringing unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the University of Iowa. This living-learning community was founded by the advocacy of Iowa Latinx students with the goal of supporting their transition to the University of Iowa.

Individual connections students can make on campus with other members of the community will be another layer of support that can branch from living in the community. A community of support, advocacy, and growth will shine at all campus events, partnerships, and relationships. 

Students will gain leadership and professional skills to go towards their life after college. Strong academic ties to the program will also provide students with direct connections to faculty and staff. Additionally, through the Latina/o courses, students will have the opportunity to learn about their identity’s history and roots, all of which are marginalized topics in common history and humanity courses.

This Living Learning Community requires students to take an academic course connected to the community. You will be pre-enrolled in the LLC course, which will be included in your academic schedule prior to summer Orientation. The course will be a First Year Seminar that engages students Latinx issues and culture.

This community is welcomed to all Latinx-identifying students and those to seek to learn and engage more in the cultural background.

Alexia Sanchez

I love that the Unidos Living Learning Community is a space on campus where students can thrive personally and cultivate a sense of community within the Latinx identity!

Alexia S.
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