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Explore culture and identity.

Culture and traditions are often the foundations upon which one builds their black identity and its intersectionality. In collaboration with the African American Studies program, you will be challenged to understand the various experiences among the African/black diaspora, encouraged to learn and develop critical thinking skills outside the classroom, relate your passions to your academics, and better Iowa’s Black Community through campus involvement.

View additional video information regarding this community, by visiting the Young, Gifted, and Black YouTube channel.  

All first-year students in this community are required to take the course below. This course fulfills a general education or major requirement and students will be pre-enrolled prior to orientation.


This community was founded by Iowa black students with the objective to aid with the transition of incoming black students at the University of Iowa. This community is for students who seek to strengthen knowledge and empowerment of black students.

Charity R.

"I love YGB because it has allowed me fall in love with my blackness, and I have gained really valuable friendships."

Charity R.
Living Learning Community Courses

Black culture and experience within a contemporary perspective; readings, interactive experiences, course assignments (interview, essays, final paper), and unit quizzes provide an opportunity to better understand Black culture in the 21st century; students explore a variety of important societal topics (e.g., education, religion, literature, theater, media, politics, sports, criminal justice, health, economics).

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