Would you like to market your event or group in the halls with us? We’d love to work with you to help spread the word. Please carefully read through the options below to choose what best applies to your needs.

The University Housing and Dining marketing team can help staff members create marketing materials and campaigns. To place a marketing request, visit the link below.

Marketing Requests

*Priority is given to University Housing and Dining related information, events and notices.

University Housing and Dining will not be accepting table tents during the 2020-2021 academic year. No table tents will be displayed (or allowed) in the residence hall market places during this time.

University Housing and Dining will be accepting digital display submissions for the 2020-2021 academic year. However, given the extremely complex experience of living on campus, approval will only be granted to signage that contains relevant information for students and staff.

Display your information digitally. Signage will be posted on digital displays in high traffic areas (i.e. laundry rooms, elevator lobbies, mailbox areas, etc.) in every on-campus residence hall. Posting approval will be granted to the following groups listed on the formal policy below. Please follow these guidelines listed below:

  1. The file should be sent as a jpeg and sized 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels. Display dates should be requested when content is submitted.
  2. Recommended text size is 36pt or greater. Recommended size for headlines is 72pt or greater.
  3. Use of no more than three different fonts is recommended.
  4. Use of quality images without pixilation is recommended.
  5. Use a color scheme consistent with your group or organization’s brand.
  6. Recommended word count for slides is less than 30 words – excluding University Disability Statement.
  7. Avoid using paragraphs; communicate relevant information with bullet points or in short sentences.
  8. Use only imagery to which you have licensed or to which you are the copyright holder.
  9. University logos/images must adhere to the University of Iowa's Graphic Identity System guidelines (https://brand.uiowa.edu/).

Requests for digital signage should be emailed to uhd-marketing@uiowa.edu at least one week prior to the date your posting should be active. Along with your digital signage file, please include the main contact person's name and email, as well as the date range you would like your signage to be active. Submissions that do not include contact information will not be posted. You will be contacted if there are any questions or issues with your signage. 

PDF iconGuidelines for Solicitation in the UI Residence Halls


University Housing and Dining will not be accepting requests to host tables in the residence halls during the 2020-2021 academic year. No tabling reservations in Burge, Catlett, Hillcrest, and Mayflower will be allowed during this time.

Mass Mailings

Grab your audience’s attention through a mass mailing. Mass mailings are sent to our residents and live-in staff. They contain a variety of information including: campus events, living learning communities, academic information, housing updates, and dining news. Student names and addresses are not required on mass mailings, and they do not need postage. Who can send mass mailings? Any residence hall student group or recognized living learning community may distribute mail as detailed in the Mass Mailing Policy (below). Groups and departments outside of the residence hall system must receive prior approval on a case-by-case basis from University Housing and Dining.

  • Each organization/group will be limited to one mass mailing per month.
  • Delivering and printing the approved materials is the sole responsibility of the organization/group requesting the distribution.  
  • The name of the organization/group must be clearly visible on each piece of the material to be distributed.  
  • The group/organization is responsible for providing extra copies, for each distribution point, to be made available at the hall desk(s).  
  • Final approval of all distributions is at the sole discretion of the marketing team of University Housing and Dining.
  • Approved materials must be delivered to the points of distribution one working day prior to the actual date of distribution.
  • Reservations can be made by emailing Carrie Kiser-Wacker. A finalized mailer must be provided to University Housing and Dining before final approval is given.

PDF iconMass Mailing

Additional Information

If your group has additional needs, you can also reserve a meeting room